The Smart Girls 'Get It.' How About Giving Them A Hand by Getting Involved?

There are a number of RedState contributors who are involved with Smart Girl Politics who could have posted this, but it seemed apropos to post this as a way of saying ‘thanks’ to SGP for taking the lead in starting a National Voter Registration Drive.


In an e-mail sent out on Thursday, SGP outlined the goals:

Year after year, polls have shown that Conservatives outnumber Liberals almost two-to-one, so why is the number of those actually registered to vote so much closer?  Because Liberals do a great job at getting their boots on the ground and registering voters. Let’s face it, they elected the Organizer-in-Chief by doing just that.  It is time that Conservatives get on the ground and begin to build new voter rolls, an essential factor in securing electoral gains.

Smart Girl Politics Action is ready to take action and we are starting TODAY. SGPAction is proud to announce our new National Voter Registration Training and Campaign Program. Over the next few months, we will be training hundreds of conservatives how to succeed at registering new voters and we need your help.

The zombies of OFA are already out there working to win in 2012 [they just took their first scalp in NY-26] and you know the Left is hardly finished ‘fundamentally transforming’ America.


SGP could use your help. They need boots on the ground to help register voters, and they need the financial resources to do it.

Consider making a donation, as well as getting involved*.

[*An added bonus when helping SGP: They don’t wear patchouli.]

To those of you at Smart Girl PoliticsThank You for taking the lead on this.

HT: Haystack @ The Concord Project


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