SEIU Demonstrates Its Lack of Civility With 'Civil Disobedience'

You’ve certainly seen enough video footage of the unruly union mobs in Madison, WI for the last two months. Well, the SEIU has taken its mob show on the road and, like the pioneers of old, headed West.


For the last week, SEIU protesters have been demonstrating at the Washington State Capitol–a state largely controlled by Democrats. Late Thursday, however, the SEIU took its protests to a whole new level by attacking state troopers as the purple people beaters tried to push and shove their way into Democrat Governor Christine Gregoire’s office.

Demonstrators were forced out of a legislative gallery and stopped by state troopers outside Democratic Gov. Chris Gregoire’s office, said Robert Calkins, spokesman for the Washington State Patrol.

About 400 protesters were in the building, loud but orderly, Calkins told CNN. Some tried to rush to Gregoire’s office.

“There were a group that planned to be arrested and they were accommodated,” Calkins said. “We’re happy to have people come down and express their opinion, but we want it to be safe for everyone involved.”

One protester kicked an officer and elbowed another and was booked on two counts of third-degree assault, Calkins said. Sixteen protesters were charged with disorderly conduct and released.


Below are two clips of the confrontation in Olympia.

The first clip comes via Gateway Pundit:

This second clip comes via The Blaze:

Thankfully, unlike what happened to GOP lawmakers in Wisconsin, at least there were no death threats made to Democrat lawmakers in Olympia…

Oh, wait!

This is only the first week.


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