Discovered at CPAC: Some Cool New Help for Members Trapped in Liberal Unions

If you attended CPAC this past weekend, you may have opted to listen to the speeches and get pictures taken with your favorite politicians, or you could have chosen to ignore the politicians and their groupies and gone to where the real action was—out in the hallways, where kindred spirits talked of taking the country back (in earnest) and explored the exhibit hall. I chose the latter and it is because of this that three of the best ideas to help conservative union members trapped in liberal unions were discovered.


The First Discovery:

Republican Saul Anuzis (a former Teamster) announced the launch of a new website specifically designed to give union members assistance in getting refunds for the portion of their dues used on politics. It is not an “anti-union” site, it is a site with one purpose—to help union members who do NOT want their dues money used on politics, regardless of party.

In 1988, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that union members who object to having their union dues spent on politics can get a refund for the portion of their dues used for politics. Since then, however, many union members have found the process of getting their dues refunds an burdensome process.

According to is NOT a political action organization. It is not tied to any political party. It does not run candidates for election, and it does not financially support or endorse candidates. It neither opposes nor endorses legislation. is a project designed to help educate, organize and assist union members nationwide in exercising their “Beck rights” as set forth by the U.S. Supreme Court.

If union members are sick and tired of having union bosses spending union dues on politicians and causes they do not support, they can go to, click on the state where they live, select the union they belong to, fill out an online form, and will generate the required letter that the member can send to the union. Also, as an option, will send a copy of the letter to both the employer and the National Labor Relations Board.


If you are (or happen to know) a union member who doesn’t like having his (or her) union dues being used on politics, take a look at and pass it along.


The Second Discovery:

Between Conservatives, Republicans and so-called Reagan Democrats, there are a large number of union members who may believe in unions, but do not agree with the socialism progressivism being pushed by today’s union bosses. Founded by a UAW member, is a refreshing website that is a counter to the anti-freedom, anti-capitalist nature of today’s unions. And, in case you ever had any doubts that good patriotic Americans exist in today’s unions, you can read what they believe in here.


Another Option for Teachers…

As America grapples with all of the problems and costs foisted on our nation’s education system by teachers’ unions like the AFT and NEA, there is sometimes a tendency to forget that most teachers are good and want to do what is right for children in spite of their union bosses and the Ministry Dept. of Education.

A while back, a teacher-friend joined the union due to the unions’ offering of liability insurance. He’s not necessarily pro-union, but he felt compelled to join because of the litigious society in which we live. His case is not unique. In many cases, particularly in Right-to-Work states, where union membership is voluntary, teachers are often lured into joining one of the radical unions like the AFT, NEA and their affiliates because the unions offer liability insurance and legal protection.


At CPAC, I stumbled upon the Association of American Educators quite by accident and, much to my surprise, found the AAE provided much of the “benefits” that a union does, but without being a union.

Finally, there are some alternatives springing up for union members who have been trapped by the radical politics of today’s union bosses. Let’s hope they put these to good use.


“I bring reason to your ears, and, in language as plain as ABC, hold up truth to your eyes.”  Thomas Paine, December 23, 1776


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