He’s Back! Did a Mob Protest & Teamsters Endorsement Keep Rahm on the Ballot?

Well, this didn’t take long at all. Less than a day after an Illinois appellate court knocked the ever-present Rahm Emanuel off of the Chicago mayoral ballot due to his lack of residency in the City, the previously undeclared Teamsters endorsed Rahm for mayor.


“It is clear that Rahm Emanuel is the only choice for the Teamsters in this election,” Teamsters Joint Council 25 President John Coli said Tuesday during a news conference with Emanuel at the city’s wholesale produce market. “In light of yesterday’s attempt to remove our candidate from the mayoral ballot, the Teamsters want to pledge our full support to Rahm Emanuel and the validity of his candidacy.”


Coli accused the two appellate court justices who ordered Emanuel off the ballot in a 2-1 ruling Monday were “subverting democracy.”

Emanuel stood quietly as his newly minted ally attacked the unfavorable ruling. He avoided questions about his legal strategy to try to reverse the decision, saying only that his lawyers filed an appeal to the state’s high court earlier Tuesday.

Then, no sooner did the Teamsters endorse Rahm than an angry mob spontaneously appeared to protest his removal [via Rebel Pundit]

Message received.

The Illinois Supreme Court agreed to hear Emanuel’s case on Tuesday and, just to ensure that they didn’t send out the wrong message, ordered Emmanuel’s name to be put on the ballot while they considered the case:

Earlier Tuesday, the Supreme Court ordered the Chicago Board of Election Commissioners to put Emanuel’s name back on the mayoral ballot while it considered Emanuel’s appeal of Monday’s Illinois Appellate Court ruling that Emanuel did not meet the one-year residency requirement to run for mayor of Chicago.

The Supreme Court said it will not accept any new legal briefs or even hear oral arguments on the case. Instead, the court will rely on the briefs already filed.

“This Court is taking the case on the briefs filed by the parties in the appellate court,’’ the Supreme Court’s order reads. “No additional briefs will be filed in the Supreme Court. Oral argument will not be entertained.


A fish’s life was apparently spared on Tuesday, as all it took to get the Supreme Court’s cooperation was just a little applied persuasion.


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