Carpenters' Union Caught Exploiting the Homeless (again)

They’ve been caught time and time again using the poor and homeless to do the jobs their own members won’t do for themselves. The Carpenters’ union has a history of hiring the homeless to march around in circles, chanting for union wages, benefits and pensions, things they don’t receive from the union.


How does the union justify this rank hypocrisy? It’s all for a good cause, explains Craig Wright, an organizer for the Texas Carpenters & Millwrights Regional Council:

Leo Wren started about three years ago. “They gave me an opportunity when I really need an opportunity,” he said.

“People support AIDS research,” Wright said. “They support cancer research. Yet you don’t have to have AIDS or cancer to support those things. These guys don’t have to be carpenters to support a good cause.”

[h/t Projections]

“I bring reason to your ears, and, in language as plain as ABC, hold up truth to your eyes.”  Thomas Paine, December 23, 1776


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