Harry Reid: Where are the jobs?

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As you watch this, you’ll almost hear purple heads popping…



Originally posted on the Washington Times, writer Kerry Picket states:

Members of this group represent those from traditional Democratic coalitions and base demographics, like: African-Americans, Latinos, and union members.

In the ad, these individuals urge Democratic Nevada voters to break away from their practice of supporting liberals like Harry Reid.

In fact, the ad goes one step further and looks to draw in union members who are disgruntled with union leadership’s pro-amnesty policies.

Here are a few remarks that were planned to be part of the ad:

“Union Leaders are betraying their members by endorsing Reid and Extreme Liberal Policies”

“Unions are recruiting illegals and paying them 1/3 the union wage for union jobs”

“These practices exploit illegals, while simultaneously denying Americans jobs”

“Progressives like to exploit racial division for political advantage”

“I even a got a contract that’s a local 844 agreement where our general president and all these people deliberately kept the Hispanics out of this meeting, because what they wanted to do was to negotiate contractors for $11.96 an hour versus $37, and they did,” said Darrin Oglesbee (shown in the ad), of Iron Workers Local 416 in Las Vegas, during an interview with me on Monday.

“Here’s the kicker, their union dues, are the same as mine. The international is going to get their money, but [say] ‘sorry we short-changed you on your money there, buddy,’“ he said.

The union member presence in the ad is a potent weapon given membership is currently struggling with its leaders over policy from card check legislation to immigration reform. Union bosses are likely feeling uneasy about membership anger over job losses and union leadership demands.


With Tuesday a mere two days away, this ad certainly won’t be helping Harry.


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