Dear Union Members: Will you follow your union bosses or the Founding Fathers on Nov. 2nd?

If you’re a union member, the question posed by the title of this post might initially offend you.  However, get past it for a moment and answer this question for yourself:


Which do you support more, your union or the United States of America and the freedoms so many fought and died for?

You see, it is really coming down to that choice and, in less than two months, you need to make a decision.

America is going through a tough time right now and, during tough times, people occasionally succumb to snake-oil salesmen and other con artists who promise a solution to all your problems. Sometimes, those snake oil salesmen actually create the crisis, so they can sell “the suckers” on the solution (think health care, the housing crash, and the banking crisis and you’ll be getting warm).  In America, snake oil salesmen come in all stripes and political persuasions.

The problem is, the solution the snake oil salesmen sells usually comes at a cost.  In this case, that cost is the freedoms established when this nation was founded and the question posed is, which will you vote for: Your union bosses, or America’s Founding Fathers?

As the future direction of this nation is debated, its debt threatening to either put America into bankruptcy or enslave America’s children to crushing taxes, union members are being used as “boots on the ground” to transform America into something it was never-intended to be: A quasi-socialist state with dangerous implications to freedom for all Americans, including union members.


Consider this:

In establishing the United States’ Constitution, the Founders wrote the First Amendment which states:

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.

Yet, union bosses and their “progressive” allies have pushed for an abridgment of free speech in the DISCLOSE Act. Note also the attacks coming from unions and their allies against the Tea Parties—for peaceable assemblage.  And note, as well, the violence against persons for exercising their free speech and the union protection of same.

As an American, you might think you have a right to your private property.

Your union bosses could care less about your private property.

As an American, is this what you condone?

Do you think that American freedoms would never be reduced to such a despotic tyranny to the point that the government could tell you what to eat?  Then you haven’t been following your union bosses’ picks, have you?

Do you believe in discrimination?  Your union bosses and the politicians they buy with your union dues do. You see, if an American doesn’t carry a union card, union bosses want to deny them employment. Is this what you support?


You might not think you were supporting socialized medicine when you marched at the rallies for “health care reform” because you were convinced that “health care is a right.”  Is it? Where in the Constitution does it state that you have the right to another man’s labor?

[Oh, and by the way, as a former union activist, we were pushing that meme 20 years ago in the union movement.  As the costs kept creeping up due to the government regulation (remember the snake oil salesmen), you finally bought it hook line and sinker and traded your freedom for health insurance.]

In the near future, as companies opt to pay the $2000 fine, as opposed to paying thousands more to keep you and your family insured, then dump you on to a government exchange, you don’t think you won’t be in a socialized medicine system?  Within three to five years, you will be.  This is what SEIU boss Andy Stern meant when he said “we changed America forever.”

You’ve accepted the anti-American collectivist premise that you are ‘exploited,’ that the rich are there for one purpose: to pluck your eyeballs out and each your children; but you don’t question when your union bosses push for open borders and amnesty for illegals (so they can become union members).  Here’s a hint: Union bosses know the demographics have changed—they knew it in the 1980s—and officially flipped in the 90s. As an American, you’re a dying breed.  Union bosses need to replace you (and your dues) with someone. Who do you think that’s going to be?


When you see a man build a business into success, employing thousands, his name on the door, do you like him or despise him?  Well, your union bosses despise him, as evidenced by the AFL-CIO’s recent attempt oust Michael Dell from Dell computers.  Well, Dell’s a big guy, you might think, he’s rich, who cares? You might when it happens to you.

In addition to putting unions on boards of directors of companies, if you have a small business (or ever dreamt of starting one), the union-boss backed takeover of Wall St. will keep you under Washington’s thumb as well.

As a union member, you certainly wouldn’t give up your right to vote or your right strike to a government bureaucrat, would you? Then, you’ve been misled on what the hallucinogenically-named Employee Free Choice Act will do. [Here’s a hint: you get economic serfdom, union bosses get your dues.]

You recoil at the thought of someone saying you support socialism, don’t you?  Yet, your union dues go to union bosses who have fully embraced (at the highest level) socialism under the guise of “justice for all.”

Most union members don’t keep track of all the shenanigans of the snake oil salesmen in Washington, be they union bosses or their political puppets.  However, in seven weeks’ time, it will be time for you to decide in the ballot box, will you follow your union bosses, OR will you follow the Founding Fathers?


Make a choice.  You can’t have both.


“I bring reason to your ears, and, in language as plain as ABC, hold up truth to your eyes.”  Thomas Paine, December 23, 1776

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