BREAKING: Man Stabs Two Police Officers In Belgium After Yelling "Allahu Akbar"

The sad news out of Europe continues as yet another attack took place, this time in Charleroi, Belgium.

Police say a machete-wielding man attacked and wounded two female police officers after yelling “Allahu Akbar”. The man was then shot by a third officer and died on the scene.


Belgium, unfortunately, is not unfamiliar with attacks from radical Islamists. Islamic bombers killed 32 people in suicide attacks at a Brussels airport and a metro station in March, and many of the jihadists who carried out attacks on Paris last November in which 130 people died were based in Belgium.

This not the first stabbing to happen in Europe from an Islamic attacker either, and it leads to the questioning of refugee resettlement policies in Europe. European countries have been welcoming in an unprecedented amount of refugees, while subsequently seeing an unprecedented amount of terrorist attacks take place within the European Union.

Countries are bringing in refugees from the Middle East often unvetted, while also telling their citizens to not “discriminate”. The problem is, “discrimination” can sometimes come in handy. Tell-tale signs are often ignored, as many don’t want to appear insensitive or discriminatory. It’s this kind of scarred behavior that actually allows terrorists to carry out their attacks without the authorities knowing to question them.


While it is a good thing to be helping refugees, it is also important for countries to protect their own people. Vetting these people is a necessity, and that is what has caused much debate here at home. For now, all we can do is pray for safety and that our leaders will wake up to the threat of ISIS.



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