After Devastating Tragedy, Dallas Police Department Has Good News To Share

After the horrific ambush in Dallas that left five officers dead, the Dallas Police Department finally has some good news to share.

In the 12 days after the July 7th attack, the department has received 467 new job applications. That is an incredible 344% increase, with an average of 38.9 requests per day to become a police recruit compared with an average of 11.3 submissions a day for 12 days in June. This comes after the department had struggled to find new recruits, forcing them to cancel academy classes because there were not enough applicants.


Dallas Police Chief David Brown called for protestors to “get out of that protest line and put an application in” a week ago, and it appears to be paying off. It’s just a shame that it took such a horrific tragedy to bring attention to the depleted Dallas Police department.

To those that have applied to join the force, and to those already serving and protecting, God bless you for all that you do.


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