What Ted Cruz Said Should Make You Think Twice About Trump

Last night Ted Cruz called for Republicans to vote on their conscience. He called for Republicans to vote for candidates that embody freedom and conservative principles. He did not call for Republicans specifically to vote for Donald Trump.

This speech angered a lot of Republicans. They accused Cruz of going back on his word, they accused him of being a traitor to the party.

The problem is, he never told people to not vote for Trump. Trump supporters heard “vote your conscience” and immediately saw that Trump did not fit that. That should be incredibly alarming.

I am by no means a fan of Ted Cruz, I’ve been very critical of him and will never wholeheartedly support him. That being said, what he did last night and continued to say this morning took a lot of balls. I wish other politicians had the courage he had, instead of selling out to Cheeto Jesus.

If your conscience doesn’t tell you to vote for Trump, maybe the issue is… I dunno… Trump?