Is Donald Trump Afraid To Do Interviews?

Could Donald Trump be avoiding the media? Is it possible that “Ducking Donald” is more than just a third-rate nickname given to him by Ted Cruz?

Well, according to sources close to the Trump campaign, Trump’s media access is being severely limited.

“Now the staff is weeding out many requests without consulting him, the sources say, which could either be viewed as a mark of professionalization or an attempt to restrain Trump from being Trump…”

Now, these sources say that it is people within the campaign keeping the media appearances to a minimum, but I have a different theory:

Donald Trump is scared.

Trump knows that he has a habit of shoving his foot in his mouth, so it could be possible that he is holing himself up in his terribly decorated penthouse in order to keep himself from imploding any more than he already has.

The Trump campaign is clearly not doing as well as he would have you think it is. They are struggling to raise money, support is dwindling, and Hillary Clinton is on the rise despite her otherwise disqualifying email scandal.

Trump appears to be afraid that he will embarrass himself even more, and can you blame him?

In reality, it is most likely the case that the more experienced members of the campaign realize how bad the “Trump effect” can be. They know that he is going to shoot himself in the foot, so why give him the opportunity?

If Trump really isn’t behind this, there will definitely be hell toupee when he finds out what his staff is up to.