US Government Tells Us Sanctions Don't Work With Cuba, Proceeds To Impose Sanctions On North Korea

When it came to spinning the decision to remove sanctions on Cuba, the Obama administration told us that sanctions don’t work. The left told us that sanctions were “archaic” and even “barbaric”. So it should not come as a surprise to you that the Obama administration has decided to hypocritically impose sanctions on North Korea.

According to the US Treasury Department, in a report from Reuters, sanctions have been imposed on “Supreme Leader” Kim Jong Un as well as other officials. The reasoning? Human rights abuses.

“Under Kim Jong Un, North Korea continues to inflict intolerable cruelty and hardship on millions of its own people, including extrajudicial killings, forced labor, and torture,”

That is from the acting Undersecretary for Terrorism and Financial Intelligence, Adam J. Szubin, in a statement released by the Treasury Department.

Now, sanctions on North Korea may not do a lot of damage, but it makes a statement that the US recognizes the atrocities committed by the North Korean government. The problem is, this comes after the US ignores similar atrocities in Cuba (and even Iran).

For the Obama administration, there is a serious lack of rationale when it comes to imposing sanctions, and the hypocrisy is disgusting. Essentially they are saying “human rights abuses are bad, but only sometimes”.

Countries like North Korea, Cuba, and Iran deserve these types of sanctions and more. It is important that the United States shows that it won’t stand for any sort of disgusting actions against innocent civilians.