California Enacts SIX New Gun Control Bills

Governor Jerry Brown of California has signed six new gun control laws into bill, in an effort to “enhance public safety by tightening our existing laws in a responsible and focused manner, while protecting the rights of law-abiding gun owners.” It’s the same lame excuse used by Hawaii for treating legal gun owners as criminals.

Among the new bills are a magazine capacity limit of 10 bullets, required background checks for purchasing ammunition, and restrictions on lending firearms.

Two of the bills being passed are set to close the “bullet button loophole”, as KPCC reports:

“The loophole refers to the sale of ‘California legal’ firearms that don’t fall under California’s ban of guns with detachable magazines.

“To get around the law, manufacturers created versions of firearms that feature a button that can be pushed with a small tool — for instance the tip of a bullet — to release an empty magazine and insert a new one.”

More information on the new bills can be found here, but it is important to note that these kinds of gun control efforts will not actually make people safer. These bills are passed purely to give the appearance of concern for protecting individuals and their rights simultaneously, but in reality it is the lefts way of slowly bringing us closer and closer to an all-out repeal of the second amendment.

California was rocked by the attack in San Bernardino in December of last year, but not rocked enough to finally gain some common sense.

Governor Brown and the California Democrats need to understand that criminals are always going to find ways to break laws, and violent criminals are no exception. When someone wants to commit an act of terror, they are going to find the weapons needed, regardless of how much the government tries to intervene.

It is important, instead, to make sure that every day citizens can have the ability to protect themselves. As we saw in South Carolina recently, good guys with guns will stop bad guys with guns, the math is simple.

Governor Brown, adding these ever-increasing restrictions will not stop evil. They will only make it harder for good people to defend themselves.