DOJ Puts Political Correctness Over Saving Lives

In a move that brings employees of the Justice Department in line with law enforcement officials around the country, the DOJ will be requiring their employees to undergo “implicit bias” training.


The DOJ has faced public criticism since 2014, where it recommended to the police department in Ferguson, Missouri that they implement new policies to deal with bias but did not enact any policy of their own.

The program is set to target “implicit bias” that, according to a memo from Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates, “presents unique challenges to effective law enforcement, because it can alter where investigators and prosecutors look for evidence and how they analyze it without their awareness or ability to compensate,”.


The one thing the DOJ and the rest of the left are missing is the facts, and the facts show that these “implicit biases” are based on statistical evidence.

In the United States, there are currently 38 million African-Americans, comprising of only 12.6% of our population. Of these 38 million, 2.6 million were arrested in 2012 (28.1% of all arrests), meaning almost 6.8% of African-Americans committed crimes in 2012, and that is not counting those that were never arrested.

In contrast, there are over 223 million whites in the U.S. (72% of the population) and only 6.5 million were arrested in 2012 (2.9% of the white population and 69.3% of all arrests).

When only 12.6% of the population is committing 28% of the crimes, there might be a legitimate reason for bias when it comes to approaching suspects of that race, but the issue is larger than that.


The DOJ is attempting to control subconscious thoughts, which is nearly impossible. These “implicit biases” are not something that can be erased through sensitivity training. Instead, this will most likely lead to officers hesetating before acting, in an attempt to not act on “implicit bias”.

Imagine an FBI agent in a shootout with a clear line-of-site to take out the shooter, who just so happens to be black. After going through this new “training”, it is incredibly likely that this agent would hesitate in order to prevent backlash from the public as well as from his superiors. If the agent does not take the shot, it is possible that the agent could get shot or that innocent civilians could be shot. It’s these split-second decisions that save lives, and the DOJ would rather cave to public pressure than focus on saving lives.

It would be wrong to say racism does not exist, but to target unconscious bias in an attempt to score political points could put more lives in danger, and that is not something anyone should be aiming for.



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