Online training for tea party activists

There are quite a few great opportunities for committed Tea Party activists to study and develop the skills needed to win elections. Erick’s been talking about and supporting American Majority; and Ned Ryun has a great diary here at RedState.


Let me commend to you another great partnership: the Leadership Institute and Tea Party Patriots. LI has launched Morton Blackwell has taken decades of solid, proven techniques and made them easily accessible to so many new activists. In short: this kicks quite a lot of ass and can make a difference on the ground – immediately.

You should read Morton’s RedState post that introduces not just the training program, but also offers his perspective as a Conservative and Republican grassroots leader on the current state of political affairs. In short: he kicks quite a lot of ass, too.

(Have I mentioned that I’ve allowed far too much time to pass without becoming a regular LI donor. Time to fix that.)



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