Battered 'Trans' Woman Syndrome

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USA Today has named a man its Woman of the Year.

The longtime publication is honoring a different woman in every state with the moniker. For the state of Minnesota, they chose a man – transgender lawmaker Leigh Finke.

Leigh Finke, who became the first transgender legislator appointed to the Minnesota House of Representatives in November, was selected as part of USA Today’s project to honor “local and national heroines who make a positive impact in their communities every day.”

Finke is an outspoken advocate for arresting puberty in children and allowing irreversible, sterilizing “sex transition” surgery for minors. He joins the first Native American woman in space and the entire U.S. Women’s soccer team on the recipient’s list.


I’ve written before about the stunning speed with which the transgender movement has taken over American culture, and I’ve posited that part of the problem is the natural aggression of men. We hear a lot about “toxic masculinity” in these modern times. There is no greater example of such than in the transgender movement. Toxic men who don’t get their way tend to become manipulative bullies. They become aggressive and demanding. Most women feel highly uncomfortable confronting aggressive and demanding men. Men who believe they can choose to be women take advantage of that apprehension and here we are, offering them awards and unfettered entry into protected women’s spaces.

But it isn’t just about aggressive men. Too many women are welcoming this absurdity into our culture. Too many of us are advocating for the male take over women’s experiences even as we watch our daughters lose to them in competition, give up their places in society to them, and step aside so they can receive awards for living entire lives as men before deciding to be a woman for all of five minutes. Hell, we’re handing them the awards and smiling like good little girls…nice girls.


Perhaps it is a form of “battered woman syndrome.” What is that, exactly?

Battered woman syndrome is “a psychological condition that can develop when a person experiences abuse, usually at the hands of an intimate partner.” A battered woman will often feel like the abuse is deserved, somehow, and that there is something fundamentally wrong with her, not her abuser. She seeks to satiate her partner through compromise and suppressing her own needs and desires.

The neo-feminists are constantly complaining about being raised to be “sweet.” It’s a whole meme thing now. Asking a woman to smile these days is akin to asking her to strip naked and pose. It’s a sign of a patriarchy that likes its women to be submissive.

But isn’t the patriarchy just so crafty? And isn’t the neo-feminist movement just so gullible?

Men have found a way to force us to be “sweet” anyway, despite all the caterwauling from the harpies on The View and their lot. We are now faced with a generation (or two) of women who are being told by men that a woman can have a penis; a woman can be a man who lives his whole life as a man and then gets to decide when he’s a woman; a woman is whatever a man says she is…still.

God help the natural-born woman who wants to challenge the man who chooses to steal her identity and make a mockery of it (I’m looking at you Dylan Mulvaney). She’s an undesirable. She’s not a real lady. The “good girl” needs to validate the man. The “good girl” should smile and cheer and lend him her dresses and give him her lipstick. The “good girl” should swallow her pride, swallow her feelings and hand over her trophies. After all, it isn’t fair that she gets to be born this way, while the men have to put in so much work to even get close to it.

Those “bad girls” walk around with their feminine sway and their nurturing breasts, tossing their hair, swinging their hips, bearing and nurturing life. They flaunt their womanhood and it’s not fair. If they lose a few competitions or have to step aside so a man can claim their accomplishments, well, that’s their fault, isn’t it? They were asking for it. If only they would learn to open their inferior, incurious minds then maybe the men wouldn’t have to show them how it’s done. Be a “good girl” or step aside.

Deep down inside the neo-feminists have internalized this misogyny. They hate the idea of being hated by men. They want to please men. They want to be liked by men. They want the men to know they’re “good girls.” If the trans men can’t love them, it surely must be their fault. They’re not accepting enough, not kind enough, not smiling enough.

Maybe these men will validate them if they give up their labels, their identities, their roles, and their trophies. Maybe if they weren’t so blatant about being women, they wouldn’t be so despised. Call it a chest, not breasts. Call it a front-hole, not a vagina. Call yourself a person who menstruates, not a woman. Those “traditional” definitions make the trans-identifying men feel bad, and when they feel bad, they’ll only make you feel worse.

Stop making them feel bad. Stop making them mad. Be a “good girl” so the men will like you.

It takes a strong woman to refuse to let a man define her. Currently, our nation and many other western nations are afflicted with weak women who have been battered into believing they are the problem and the only solution is to give men what they want.

Will they ever leave their abusers?

For the sake of our children, we must force them to.


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