The View's Defense of Biden's 'Where's Jackie' Moment Was Nuclear-Levels of Insanity

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While Joe Biden has had more senile moments over his term in office than any normal person couldn’t reasonably keep track of, he painted his masterpiece on Wednesday.


In a scene right out of The Sixth Sense, the president took to the podium and called out for congresswoman Jackie Walorksi, mumbling that “she must not be here” after receiving no answer. The problem? She passed away in a tragic car accident nearly two months prior. Biden should know given that he put out a statement mourning her death. He also previously attended a bill signing for a renaming in her honor.

The president was apparently completely unaware of her death, though, and that led to an incredible amount of gaslighting from the White House. As RedState reported, Karine Jean-Pierre came up with the line that Walorksi was just “on the top of mind,” repeating that over and over at her briefing while refusing to concede that Biden had even made a mistake. It was enough to get even the left-wing reporters in the room frustrated.

But while Jean-Pierre showed exactly why she’s the worst press secretary since the inception of the position, the ladies over at The View said hold my beer. They “debated” Joe Biden’s bout of senility, and it turned into nuclear-levels of insanity.


I mean, what in the actual? One, who has suggested that Biden wouldn’t give aid to Florida? Literally, every president gives aid to states, regardless of political lean, when they are hit by natural disasters. Two, if Walorski passed “like a month ago,” wouldn’t it be expected that the president should be more aware of that fact given its recency? Again, he put out a freaking statement, or at least his handlers did.

Here’s Goldberg, though, diminishing Walorski’s death in order to defend an empty-headed old man who can’t tie his own shoes at this point. It’s disturbing, both because of how far these women are willing to go to make a partisan defense, and because they really don’t care that the President of the United States isn’t all there.

Then you have Joe Behar claiming it was just a “brain fart.” Well, if that’s true, why won’t the White House admit that? They can’t have it both ways. Either he didn’t make a mistake and everyone is crazy for interpreting what he said the way he said it, or he actually made a mistake. Pick one. Further, the reporters asking those questions about Biden’s flub were all from mainstream outlets, not “right-wing” news organizations.

It just kept going, though. These women are nuts.


So it’s “agism” to point out that a man who is senile is clearly senile? Biden’s age is not the problem. It’s his condition, and it’s readily observable. As to Alyssa Farrah, the supposed “conservative” on the panel, what a pathetic person she’s become. I know the paychecks are good, but to see her so completely debase herself so as to make her liberal audience happy is sad to watch.

And if everything above wasn’t stupid enough, Goldberg suggested at the end of the segment that Biden’s “Where’s Jackie” moment actually provides an indication that he could…beat Donald Trump in 2024.

I don’t even know what else to say about this absurdity. Joe Biden forgets a congresswoman is dead, and the defense is that he shouldn’t have known she was dead, that it’s the fault of the right, and that it’s actually a good thing because it shows he can beat Trump. Facepalms all around.


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