Weak Men Embolden Evil

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If evil seems unusually visible and abundant these days, that is because we are being led by weak men.


The Chinese communist regime has been waltzing across our skies with impunity for at least the last week, but surely much longer than that. The Russian communist regime has invaded Ukraine in an aggression that is heading into another “endless war” scenario despite massive infusions of cash and arms from the United States to the Ukrainian government. Fentanyl streams across our borders in amounts massive enough to kill every citizen in the country. Indeed, the drug has been killing an extraordinary amount of Americans already, and added to the skyrocketing rates of crime and homelessness in nearly every major American city.

This is all because we are now living through the weakest administration in American history. I thought we couldn’t look any more ridiculous than Obama bowing to tyrants in the Middle East. I was wrong.

Joe Biden is the reason the world’s worst dictators are rattling sabers and taking casual strolls via spy crafts through American airspace. His weakness emboldens evil men.

Clearly the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is not the least bit worried about Joe Biden or the American response to blatant disrespect of our sovereign territory. Last week’s spy balloon incident may have been just business as usual for the Chinese, given how many other “objects” have been caught floating around our air space since then; and also given that the Department of Justice tried to excuse the incident by suggesting those same balloons were floating around during the Trump administration too. Perhaps that is true (although I am not inclined to believe much that is coming out of this administration these days). Even still, if the CCP was not already aware of the feckless nature of our current leadership, they certainly became aware once everyone in America learned of their spy balloon hovering far above, and Biden’s administration still did nothing until it had already traversed the entire span of the United States.


They knew it when this administration refused to hold them accountable for foisting a pandemic upon the entire world. In fact, the Biden White House is still running cover for Chinese involvement in the COVID-19 debacle. In no reality, not even a progressive one, does China represent an ally, yet Biden insists on treating them as such. He is aided in this quest by a state media that is loath to stray from Democrat talking points – although reality is so persistent these days that they find themselves unable to completely ignore the looming threat of China.

Even the fact that since last week’s discovery Biden has been ordering the shooting down of “unidentified flying objects” left and right is another sign of our weakness. It reveals a troubling chaos in both strategy and policy, and it also signals that Biden is leading from behind.

Despite what the mushy progressive talking heads would have us believe, appeasement does not foster peace.

Another famously weak leader was Neville Chamberlain, the British Prime Minister who followed a policy of appeasement in negotiations with Hitler, and then boldly claimed he had achieved “peace for our time.” Of course, he couldn’t have been further from the truth. History tells the rest of that tragic tale. The lesson we have gleaned and should glean from Chamberlain’s attitude of appeasement is that evil men do not respect weak men. Chamberlain, like most naive progressives, thought the key to peace was compromise. Maybe that is the case when you’re navigating the group challenge on Project Runway, but to think that applies to foreign policy is a gross misunderstanding of human nature.


Compromise on a global level smells like ineptitude and fragility to any man who is ruled by his sinful desire to rule over another. Like a wolf heading directly for the young offspring or the infirm in any herd, an evil man will only see his partners in compromise as prey.

Abusers have a nose for weakness. We see that exemplified even in personal relationships. It is so common, we have a term for it in pop culture – daddy issues. An abuser can spot an insecure, lonely woman who was left without a strong male example a mile away. The true crime podcasts and documentaries are riddled with such stories. Weakness has a distinctive smell to a predator.

Similarly, women abhor weakness in men, and similarly, we have a saying for that too – nice guys finish last. Whether or not it is a sign of something missing in a woman’s own personality, the reality of that term is that most women are seeking strength and decisiveness. A man does not have to be a bodybuilder to be “tough.” Strength can be emitted in a myriad of ways. The point is that women don’t want a man who will do nothing but appease her and others. There is something innately unattractive about that man.

To veer just a bit off-topic, it is why I have always said it is a bad idea for women to propose to men. It encourages weakness. A man needs to be decisive to be successful, and he should absolutely be decisive when it comes to his lifelong mate. Robbing him of a big decision at the beginning of the relationship will set up a situation in the future in which he may continue to leave all the big decisions to his wife. That might sound fun, but in reality, it is exhausting…and frankly, annoying.


The consequences of weak character are so universal they can be applied to almost every level of human interaction.

Right now, evil is enjoying a very weak moment in the history of the strongest nation on earth, and it shows.

Joe Biden is barely there, a man so weak he often can’t find his way off a stage and whose stride speaks volumes about the amount of strength left in his body and mind. He speaks when he shouldn’t and says nothing when he should. He oozes weakness out of every pore, and the free world is feeling the consequences.

His weakness has brought on the winds of war, and we will not turn back those winds until we have a leader who can pursue “peace through strength.”

Bring on the strongmen. Now.



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