J.K. Rowling Opens Biological Women-Only Shelter For Sex Abuse Survivors, Progressive Meltdown Ensues

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Scotland is quickly hurtling toward enshrining transgenderism into its constitution, a move that could put women’s rights and safety at great risk.

The transgender trend has disproportionately affected women by removing the etiquette surrounding modesty and privacy, and forcing women to accept the presence of men in female spaces, simply because a man says they must. It is a ridiculous delusion that has cost hard-working female athletes years of hard work, scholarships, and victories. It has even led to severe injuries for female athletes who are forced to play contact sports with men who say they are women on the inside.


Reports from female prisoners who have been sexually assaulted by transgender inmates are skyrocketing. Incarcerated women are vulnerable and already stand on the fringes of society. They are being silenced by a male-dominated movement that has successfully piggy-backed on the gay rights movement.

The U.K. has a shocking rape crisis, exacerbated by the fact that “rape rings” are being run largely by Asian Muslim immigrants. Since 9/11, European governments have worked overtime to “protect” immigrants from Muslim nations by overcorrecting. The Brighton scandal saw huge rings of male, Muslim immigrants grooming and raping teenage girls, but when parents reported the network, they were accused of racism and bigotry. It turns out, the U.K. government has ignored an enormous, perverted rape crisis in its own nation, lest they run afoul of the new woke rules.

Everyone else over women. Everyone.

The Edinburgh Rape Crisis Centre recently appointed a man who believes he is a woman as their CEO, and that man subsequently appeared on a national podcast to tell rape victims they need to “reframe their trauma” to rid themselves of their own bigotry before they can heal. If they are asking for single-sex spaces to recover from their trauma, the real problem is their prejudice, not the violation they endured.


I wish it were a joke.

It is hard to believe after coming so far in the women’s rights movement that we are set to be all the way back at the start – silenced, insulted and abused – because a small percentage of men have a disdain for biology, a disdain for women.

(#EdinburghRapeCrisis is trending on Twitter right now if you truly want to be horrified)

One surprisingly strong voice in support of women has been J.K. Rowling. She’s certainly taken the heat for it, but Rowling is a sexual abuse survivor, and has been particularly sensitive to the risks the transgender movement has foisted upon women. The good news for Rowling is that she’s filthy rich and doesn’t need a job. The good news for the rest of us is that she’s righteously motivated and has nothing to lose for standing up for truth and sanity.


Rowling recently announced she is doing her part to shield women from the U.K.’s rape crisis (particularly Scotland’s) by opening her very own women-only shelter for sexual abuse victims.

Rowling has funded and designed a new, women-only sexual violence support service, Beira’s Place, which opens today. “I founded Beira’s Place to provide what I believe is currently an unmet need for women in the Lothians area,” the author said this weekend. “As a survivor of sexual assault myself, I know how important it is that survivors have the option of women-centred and women-delivered care at such a vulnerable time. Beira’s Place will offer an increase in capacity for services in the area and will, I hope, enable more women to process and recover from their trauma.”

Cleverly, Rowling has skirted the government oversight by foregoing the charity moniker. The best-selling author is funding the entire endeavor herself. Beira’s Place will not take a cent in public money, thus freeing Rowling and the organization from government prosecution. For now.

The board, which includes Rowling, is comprised of experts with a lifelong commitment to ending men’s violence towards women and girls. They include former prison governor and LGB rights campaigner Rhona Hotchkiss, previous Scottish Labour leader Johann Lamont, GP Margaret McCartney, and Susan Smith who is director of For Women Scotland. Its CEO is Isabelle Kerr, a veteran of the Rape Crisis movement.

Beira’s Place is strictly female-only, as defined by section 212 of the Equality Act which states that a woman is a “female of any age”. If you are a natal women aged 16 and over, reside in the Lothians and have experienced sexual violence or abuse at any time in your life, a free and confidential service is now there for you.


It is inconceivable that this lobby of men seeking to erase womanhood have become so influential so quickly, but here we are. It will take a concerted effort to wrestle back women’s rights from the edge of this cliff, but it can be done. Suffrage took decades of activism, and the 60s brought a new round of vigor for the feminist movement. In fact, the feminist movement has been so successful it pulled us too far in the other direction. Now we are due for a market correction.

I’d rather have sane people leading that correction than the fringe from either side of the ideological fence.

J.K. Rowling is one of the sane ones, from what we have witnessed. She’s not a right-wing nutjob, she’s not progressive loon. She’s just a woman with a lot of money who understands the moment we’re in, and wants to help. We may not agree on a lot of political ideas, but in this battle we can be welcome bedfellows.

Women across the Western world need more advocates like Rowling. Let’s hope she is the trend, and not the anomaly.


Here are a few of the responses to her charitable move, just for fun. Nothing will surprise you.



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