'Grandma Karen' Caught Stealing Republican Yard Signs, Says She's Fighting 'Fascists'

Scott Davison is a grassroots candidate for school board in Carlsbad, California. Like many other Republican candidates, Davison has been complaining of his opponents and/or their supporters stealing yard signs.


It’s not an uncommon practice for Democrats. Stealing yard signs is just one more form of censorship, albeit a low-level one. In local races, name recognition is as important as platform stances. For better or worse, some voters just choose who seems familiar for offices they don’t know much about.

I’ll take this moment to offer an aside – please, please, please don’t vote for someone just because their name seems cool. Some of your very important local offices can be decided by as few as hundreds or even dozens of votes. Your “throwaway” vote could be responsible for electing someone who stands in complete opposition to everything you believe in. Don’t forget, these are the people who have the power to close your schools, enforce vaccine mandates, fine your business, and end your livelihood, as we saw during COVID. If you don’t know anything about the candidates for a given office, look up their ballot statement or find their website. If you don’t want to do that much work, then just skip it. Your ballot isn’t a test. You don’t get extra points for filling out the whole thing. It’s perfectly fine to skip a category you don’t understand.


Back to the signs. Davison says sign stealing in his school board race has become particularly egregious lately. Unsurprising given the election hole Democrats seem to have dug for themselves over the last two years.

Enter one brave, social justice warrior, who took it upon herself to save America by stealing the property of Republicans she hates. Fortunately, her brave heroics were caught on camera by a supporter of Davison’s. The Carlsbad candidate posted the video on Monday.

In the video, an elderly woman can be seen walking down the sidewalk with a giant tote bag on her shoulder. The bag was suspiciously “sign-shaped.” Perhaps she was carrying a giant checkerboard? Or a foldable dance mat for impromptu breakdancing battles?

Or maybe a sign?

The driver asks the woman why she removed Republican signs, particularly one for Brian Maryott, Republican congressional candidate (although according to Davison his signs were also taken). Grandma Karen’s response is thorough, thoughtful and intelligent.

“Because these people are fascists.”

Oh. Well then. Carry on.

The driver did not let Grandma Karen carry on, however. He pressed her about her theft.

Driver: I just saw you take the Maryott sign down.


GK: Do you want it?

Driver: No, I don’t think you should be doing that. That’s theft, first of all.

GK: It’s on public land!

Political signs are considered property, and theft of political signs is considered property theft and/or destruction under the law in almost every town in America. I suppose Grandma Karen thinks it would be just fine to go vandalize a library or a community center, as they are “public land.”

When the driver asks why she only took the Republican signs and left the Democrat signs she responds:

“I took some other signs!”

Not only does Grandma Karen admit to stealing Republican signs because she doesn’t like Republicans, she actually admits on video that she stole the other missing signs as well. The Democrats are not really sending their best.

Davison says he does not find it surprising that his opponent’s supporters would resort to illegal behavior. They have smeared him as a “liar, bigot, bully and anti-LGBTQ+” and once you’ve made a demon out of a human being, shallow thinkers feel justified in any kind of behavior, in the name of “justice.”


Davison says he has filed a police report with the Oceanside Police Department and his team is currently working to identify the sign thief and have a few leads.

Republican candidates and or local GOP offices should start thinking about setting up teams to track thefts like this. While it seems silly , it’s not inconsequential, and the only way to force election integrity is to hold thieves and anti-democracy activists accountable for their law-breaking. It has to cost them something, because they’ve already cost America far too much.


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