Davis: Why Is the Left Obsessed With Drag Queens?

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Why is the left obsessed with drag queens?

If you’ve ever lived in metropolitan America for any length of time, you’ve probably seen a drag queen show at least once in your life. Drag has always been a type of performance art, but reached new heights of popularity with the RuPaul reality show, ‘Drag Race.’ Drag queens aren’t new on the American landscape.


The other thing drag queens are not is transgender. The entire ‘hook’ of the art of drag is watching grown men transform themselves into caricatures of grown women; many times they are imitating celebrity women. Always, there is a sexual component. The exaggerated female features accompany an exaggerated sexuality and that has become the hallmark of drag performances.

Some say it is glorified blackface, some say it’s just cheeky, adult fun.

Until recently, no one has said it is entertainment for children. So why are we suddenly faced with elected officials and grown adults trying to turn drag queen shows into kindergarten entertainment?

Some will say it’s an attempt at grooming. I know there are groomers and pedophiles in our school systems, and pretty much anywhere a person can exert control over a child. That’s (sadly) not that unusual. Perhaps there are some adults pushing this agenda who are genuine groomers. However, I think it’s a bit of an overreach to suggest that every person exalting a Drag Queen Story Hour is a budding pedophile.

The real issue here is the same problem we have with our mainstream progressive media. It’s not about legislative duties, the constitution, facts or information. This is all just one big troll and the leftists are having the time of their lives. Most of them just get so tickled that simply mentioning bringing a drag queen’s sexually explicit performance into a classroom or “child-centric” setting makes so many people so angry. It reminds me of the boldness of the queer movement of the 80s and 90s.


“We’re here! We’re queer! Get used to it!”

Being loud and intentionally confrontational was a huge success for queer activists during the height of the gay rights movement. Trans activists are taking the same tact, but that is a mistake.

For one thing, conflating “transgender” with “drag queen” will backfire spectacularly, eventually. One is an imitation, and one is someone convinced they can be the real thing. One is seeking “normality” and other thrives on looking abnormal, and stimulating the visual. One wants to blend in, the other stands out. Making them equal only makes the transgender trend look as fake and exaggerated as any other drag performance.

But perhaps their most egregious mistake is underestimating how serious parents are about protecting their children. The progressive elite live in enclaves where they are isolated from the average American parent. They see pictures of kids looking at naked marchers in “Pride” parades and imagine that most parents are “pride” parents and the few prudes in flyover country are the outliers.

They are wrong, and they are going to find out how wrong they are come November 2022 and November 2024.

Parents don’t find this type of behavior intolerable because we’re a bunch of stuck up prudes. Understanding sex and sexuality is vital to becoming a parent…I hope I don’t have to explain that further to anyone. We understand sex, and most of us like sex (okay, okay, I’ll stop there). Parents abhor the behavior because it targets their children for abuse, and objectifies them while rejecting the inherent wisdom and authority of their own parents.


You can do a lot to a mother like me, but when you come for my kids, there is no “live and let live” anymore.

The progressives would do well to back off this agenda, but they are aided by an adoring media and Big Tech censorship that keeps them from seeing what average parents really believe and think. They are under the false impression that we parents are the joke.

The joke will be on them. They do this because they think they’re just trolling us into corporate shame.

They’re doing just the opposite. More parents than ever are activated and inspired to put a stop to this creeping insanity. The trolls will find out soon enough, and they won’t be happy.

They can troll at the libraries all they want. We’ll take our actions to ballot box.


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