RedState Welcomes Former Congressional Candidate and NYT Bestselling Author Buzz Patterson

Buzz Patterson, used with permission

Press Release

Bestselling author and former congressional candidate Buzz Patterson to join the front pages of RedState – May 20, 2022

RedState is proud to announce that retired Air Force pilot and bestselling author Lt. Col. Buzz Patterson has joined the site as its newest columnist. Patterson worked in the Clinton White House, where he was tasked with carrying the nuclear football. After leaving that post, Patterson penned a searing indictment of the Clinton administration and Bill Clinton’s mishandling of national security in particular in his best-selling book, Dereliction of Duty. Patterson has produced two follow-up tomes on America’s ongoing national security crisis: Reckless Disregard and Conduct Unbecoming.


Patterson will add a weekly column, “The Buzz Cut,” to the RedState pages, in addition to providing his unique brand of policy and cultural commentary to both the front pages and RedState’s subscription VIP pages. The former congressional candidate says he is excited to move from RedState reader to RedState writer.

“I’m thrilled to announce that I am joining RedState as a featured columnist! I’ve long been a faithful reader and, with all that’s going on in our nation, now I get to share! Please join me there and stay tuned!”

RedState Managing Editor Jennifer Van Laar calls Patterson’s addition to the roster a “huge win” for RedState readers who value sharp political insight that comes from personal experience.

“We here at RedState have long regarded Buzz as a vital voice in the political arena. His personal experience is second to none. In an era in which progressive misinformation is often passed off as news, Buzz’s voice is a ‘true north’ beacon. His addition to our stellar writing team is a huge win for every reader who values information and truth over sensationalism.”


Patterson’s weekly columns at RedState begin Monday.

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