RedState Brings Aboard New Black Conservative Panel Show

Red and Black

Press Release

Red + Black to Premiere on RedState’s YouTube Channel This Month — April 25, 2022The editorial team at RedState is proud to announce a new partnership with up-and-coming panel show Red + Black.


Co-host and moderator Lenny McAllister leads a panel of impressive talent that includes Dr. Chris Metzler (author and conservative strategist), Jeff Charles (RedState contributor and host of A Fresh Perspective) and newcomer Priscilla Rahn (CO GOP Vice Chair). McAllister describes Red +Black as “a chance to bring into the fold a richer sense of modern conservatism that can help us discuss and understand today’s most relevant topics while bringing common sense political outlooks to a broader audience. We’re excited and can’t wait to get started.”

RedState Managing Editor Jennifer Van Laar calls the move a huge step forward in amplifying fresh voices that are often marginalized by mainstream media.

“RedState is honored to be an expanding home for black conservative thought. As a part of the Townhall Media family, RedState has become a leading voice in conservative commentary and news aggregation. We are thrilled to help amplify these crucial voices that are so often not only ignored by but insulted by mainstream media entities that seem to abhor diverse thought.”

Red + Black will air every Saturday on RedState video platforms, beginning April 30, 2022.

Press requests can be sent to [email protected].


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