Arizona Governor Signs Election Integrity Legislation as Activists Lament 'Disenfranchisement'

Arizona Governor Signs Election Integrity Legislation as Activists Lament 'Disenfranchisement'
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On Wednesday, Arizona Governor Doug Ducey signed voter identification legislation that will require residents to show proof of citizenship and residency before they register to vote. “Voting rights advocates” are lamenting that it could result in thousands of ineligible registrations.

From CNN:

Arizona Republican Gov. Doug Ducey on Wednesday signed legislation that would require all Arizonans to provide proof of citizenship and residency to register to vote, sparking criticism from voting rights advocates who say it will potentially cancel thousands of voter registrations and are exploring legal challenges in response.

Voting rights advocates point out that many voters didn’t have to previously provide such proof. Critics also say that such documentation is not readily available when people are filing out the forms.

“People can probably produce (the documentation) if they know they need to, but they’re probably not going to have them in the grocery store (when at a voter registration drive),” Alex Gulotta, Arizona director of All Voting is Local, told CNN Wednesday.

“We’ve never had to do this before!” seems like a weak argument against voter id; and people who go to government services without the correct documentation do what people have done since the beginning of government…they go home and get what they need and come back. The angst over “potentially” cancelling thousands of voter registrations seems misplaced. There’s an easy fix to having your legitimate voting registration cancelled. Just provide the right documents. If you don’t have them, that means you’re not eligible to vote and should not be attempting to vote in the first place.

This is the “tie my shoes” approach to voting. Progressives keep pushing the definition of “disenfranchisement” further and further to the fringes, where any work that an individual has to do in order to vote is considered a roadblock. If someone can’t come to your house, get you dressed, tie your shoes and get you to the polls…disenfranchisement!

The legislation follows similar moves in at least a dozen other states, as GOP lawmakers race to shore up election integrity before the midterm elections.

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