WATCH: This Is the California Dream of Public Transportation for All

AP Photo/Richard Vogel

A hidden gem of disturbing truth on the internet is the Street People of Los Angeles (SPOLA) account (Twitter and Instagram). It’s one of my favorite daily social media stops. Not because it’s particularly exciting or uplifting, but because it shows the raw, terrifying truth of what is happening on Los Angeles streets every day. Make no mistake, what is happening in Los Angeles is happening all over the state.


SPOLA posts videos taken by average Californians as they attempt to go about their daily business. You can see images of drug-addled human beings, half-dressed, covered in filth, shuffling around residential areas and libraries like zombies. Sometimes they’re masturbating, sometimes they’re shooting up as children walk by, sometimes they’re engaging in intercourse on the curb…the shocking videos are only made more shocking by the fact that there is no end to them. This is daily life in the average California metropolis.

A recent video from SPOLA shows us the truly sorry state of Los Angeles’ public transportation. Americans from outside our state often scold us for not taking to public transportation more. We’re the “green fiends” of the nation. Our politicians regularly boast about our environmental initiatives, and federal politicians point to our state as an example of what moving towards 100% green energy should look like. Our own governor is constantly admonishing residents to get out of their cars and onto public transportation. His energy “plan” is to simply regulate gas-powered vehicles until they become nearly impossible to own, and to make gas so expensive those who can own cars won’t be able to fill the tanks. It’s all designed to drive us toward public transportation.


Anyone who has spent 10 minutes here understands that most of our state is not ideal for public transportation, particularly not Los Angeles. We are too spread out. Los Angeles isn’t like New York, or even San Francisco. The city is a sprawl, not a contained metropolitan area. It’s not conducive to effective rail or bus. That being said, everyone here hates traffic. No matter where you live, traffic is a problem in this state. Traffic and homelessness are the two issues that unite Californians across every other divide. We hate traffic.

Most everyone I know would be thrilled to take the bus or the train if it actually went somewhere they needed to go (they don’t) and ran on time (they don’t) and provided a reliable, safe commute (cue roaring laughter). It is the height of elitist hypocrisy to demand we patronize public transportation when this state has the worst version in the nation.

If you don’t believe me, just head to the SPOLA account. Their latest video shows you just how desirable public transportation in Los Angeles is right now. Would you want your daughter to ride this to work or school every day? Perhaps Governor Newsom should spend a day on the L.A. Metro before he signs his next round of commuter legislation.




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