Los Angeles Parent Group Takes On Behemoth LAUSD, Seeks Grassroots Candidates To Fill Empty Seats

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Parents have had enough. They’re mad as hell and they’re not gonna take it anymore. In Los Angeles, a parental rights group has formed, and they are working on genuine, grassroots efforts to shift the imbalance of power in their district. Their latest initiative has only days to meet the deadline, but it could be one step to busting up the status quo for the beleaguered children of Los Angeles.


The Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) is the largest school district in California, and the second-largest district in the entire country. It serves over 600,000 students and, like any large bureaucracy, it has become the seat of the vilest form of corruption over the last few decades. They hold nearly unassailable power over students and parents, and have enacted some of the most insane COVID restrictions in the country, including (to this very day) forcing K-12 students to mask outdoors and even while eating. Children – even as young as pre-k age – are forced to have swabs stuck up their noses every week in order to attend school, and that’s with a vaccine mandate. There are reports of school administrators isolating and shaming students who are unable to mask for the whole day, and even of bribing students to get vaccinated without notifying their parents.

To say it’s out of control is an understatement, considering the whole world is in the midst of a COVID rollback right now. LAUSD has only doubled-down on their madness.

Throughout the pandemic, two of the most egregious school districts in the nation have been Loudoun County and Los Angeles Unified School District. We know what the Loudoun County parents are doing, but another group on the opposite side of the country is taking their own action and has put out a “red alert” call for help.


UTLA Uncensored is a small, online group, organized largely over social media, that monitors the Los Angeles area school district and the most dangerous and powerful teachers union in the state (maybe the country), the United Teachers of Los Angeles (hence the social media moniker). But they’re not just posting memes and digging up damning video. They are currently racing to organize a concerted effort to flood the zone with new candidates for the school board in this next election cycle.

LAUSD will have three open seats in 2022. Being on the school board is like being on the city council. It is a position that comes with huge amounts of power, and thus, huge amounts of corruption. In 2016, the three winning candidates spent a total of $6 million on their campaigns. A friend recently shared with me that when he asked a consultant about running, he was told he’d be looking at about a $3 million dollar campaign.

For a school board seat.

You know things are bad when a simple school board seat sucks up millions of campaign dollars. The volunteers at UTLA Uncensored have found a parent willing to run in one of the three open districts for 2022 and are searching for two more who live within district boundaries. Districts 2 and 6 are where they need representation the most. With a UTLA Uncensored candidate already emerging for District 4, organizers are hoping that they can group all three candidates into a “parent block” which will allow them to legally raise funds and campaign together.


Our pages are for a national audience, but since educational freedom is a national issue, it seems prudent to alert our readers to any parent groups out there who are doing the Lord’s work and walking the walks. UTLA Uncensored is a loose organization of concerned parents. Right now they do most of their work through their socials. They are asking anyone who lives within the boundaries of Districts 2 and 6 who has even a small interest in running to contact them through direct messaging on social media – @UTLAUncensored on Twitter and Instagram. Time is of the essence. The application process ends Saturday.

If you live in these districts and have even a passing thought of running, please contact this group so they can help you submit an application. You can always change your mind later, but the deadline is Saturday. If you have friends who live in Los Angeles, please alert them to this information. If you have some sort of support to offer them, like website development or organizational skills, please give them a shout. If you know of no one in Los Angeles and don’t particularly care about California politics, please consider just praying for your fellow citizens and for the good parents of Los Angeles who don’t have anywhere else to go. They’re not just complaining, they’re getting to work and doing something.


They’re mad as hell and they’re not going to take it anymore and we can all support that.




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