Monday Mood Weekly Forecast: Completely Insane With a Low-Front Of Ridiculousness

Welcome to your official mood forecast for the week. Allow me to grace you with my own personal forecast for the week ahead in news as dictated by our Monday Mood. This is not official rocket surgery, but feel free to take it very seriously.

Cleveland’s professional baseball team has had the wrong name for close to 100 years now. Fans have been cheering for the team this whole time, not understanding that they are propping up the systemic racism of major league baseball with every hot dog and giant foam finger they purchase. Now fans can rest easy. Despite local Native American tribes giving the team their blessing, despite 100 years of history, despite almost no fan from the city of Cleveland caring one bit, the Cleveland Indians will transition to the Cleveland Guardians. They kept the color scheme and the font layout, so maybe you’ll forget about what a stupid and useless concession this is to the social media mobs. The Indians’…er…Guardians’ executive team is almost exclusively white men. They could have done something significant like pledging to mentor and elevate Native American employees and/or applicants, perhaps establishing some kind of executive training program that could one day lead to actual Native Americans having a say at the executive level of their organization. Perhaps something like that would lead to real representation. As it stands now, not only has the executive team erased the name, they’ve erased the idea of Native American heritage in Cleveland sports culture altogether. Ridiculous.

The Bloomberg opinion pages think you should stop using grandma for child care. After all, she’s got money to earn! Plus, she could be doing other, more important things than helping to raise her grandchildren. I won’t send you to click on the article, so here’s a screenshot of the Instagram post from Bloomberg, helpfully provided by Alex Kaschuta on Twitter. Keep in mind, your kids could kill grandma with their gross germs! And what else does grandma have to live for except the possibility of continuing to stay alive? Fulfillment from the family she created? Sharing memories with her perfect, adorable grandchildren whom she possibly loves even more than her own children? Enjoying her golden years supporting and communing with the people she loves most in the world? NAH! She gots money to earn, folks! To the godless left, that’s all that matters, despite their anti-capitalist bullshit. Insane.

Everyone is giving Mayor Pete a hard time after he admitted he and his husband have had to move out of the DC area because they can’t properly afford a one-bedroom apartment. Pete makes over $200k a year and I have no idea what his husband makes, but they obviously bring in a lot more than the average American. That being said, as a Californian I understand what he means. On paper that looks like a lot of money – and in any sane place it would be. But the coasts are not sane, certainly not California and certainly not the nation’s capitol. I understand his complaint. Making that much money should afford one a fairly comfortable, if not luxurious lifestyle. The point is that cost of living has skyrocketed out of control in some of the nation’s most popular cities and it prices even average Americans out of the market. Add to that the sticker shock moving from the midwest to DC and it makes for a tough transition. I don’t find Pete’s complaints ridiculous, I find the complaints about the complaints ridiculous. He’s making point.

Joe Biden’s…butt?…has been….wiped? Is that what’s happening here? Like many Americans I put this response on repeat and the only logical thing I can come up with is that he did indeed tell a reporter, “My butt’s been wiped!” As Drew Holden points out, we spent weeks analyzing Trump’s slow walk down a ramp, but Biden gives some garbled response that sure does sound like he’s telling a female reporter that his butt has been wiped and not a soul in the leftwing media follows up. If you watch this without the sound on, it becomes clearer. I really do think that’s what he said. Was it a bad joke, or the fractured response of a man battling dementia? One would love to see our mainstream media address those questions but I guess we’re all just going to go on pretending the President of the United States isn’t in deep, deep, medical distress right now. Because BAD ORANGE MAN. Insane.

So, I think by now we can get a good handle of what the forecast for the week in news and culture will be.

Completely insane, with a low front of ridiculousness.



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