WATCH: This Shocking Video Shows Just How Brazen Crime in California Has Become

AP Photo/Ringo H.W. Chiu

California’s slide into chaos has not been an accident. A huge reason for the striking rise in homelessness and both petty and violent crime is Prop 47, a bill deceptively titled the Safe Neighborhoods and Schools Act. The actual bill couldn’t be further from the title. It reduces the penalties for felony crimes, allows for early release of violent criminals, changes some violent felonies to misdemeanors, and allows criminals to steal up to $950 dollars per day in property without prosecution. As a result, police officers are less and less likely to respond to calls reporting petty theft, as there isn’t much they can do with a suspect.


The consequence has been an incredible surge in crime across the state. It is hard to fathom the brazenness that is beginning to take over the criminal element in California unless one can witness it personally. We are truly in a state of emergency and it has nothing to do with COVID.

Luckily, there are some people dedicated to documenting the insanity for all the world to see. A popular Twitter/Instagram account called Street People of Los Angeles regularly posts pictures and videos from around Los Angeles County detailing the depths of degradation to which the city has fallen. The account shared a shocking video Tuesday of what they call an “organized shoplifting crew” hitting a TJ Maxx store in La Canada Flintridge, an L.A. environ. The video shows two black men casually strolling out of the store with their arms full of merchandise still on their hangers. One of the men carries a large, oversized duffle bag on his back, clearly filled with more items. As customers film their nonchalant theft, the two men walk out the door and through the parking lot. One customer followed them to take video, saying, “I wanna see how far you guys get.” The video ends before we get the answer to that question, but one can only assume they got all the way to wherever they were going.


It may seem strange to those who live outside of California to see such brazenness and the ensuing casual reaction. However, this is what residents and business owners have been reduced to. There is no help to call. Police cannot arrest these men, and the D.A. will not prosecute these men. This is unfortunately a scene that is not uncommon throughout the state.

Many Americans are already familiar with the upcoming election to recall Governor Gavin Newsom. The former San Francisco mayor has unfortunately turned the entire state into the failed social experiment that we now see when we look at San Francisco. Fewer will know about the ongoing efforts to recall Black Lives Matter ally and avowed socialist George Gascon from his office of District Attorney of Los Angeles County. The embattled DA’s short term – which has included releasing violent criminals and refusing to prosecute rioters – has been so unpopular that a recall petition was filed the moment the law allowed. In Los Angeles County the people must wait at least 90 days into the first term of an elected politician before filing a recall petition.


California has a crisis of leadership, and before you get judgmental and say that all Californians deserve this awfulness because of how some Californians vote, just know that if Gavin Newsom survives his recall, he will be heading to Washington D.C. at some point. He has designs on the White House, and the “hero” who survived a recall would certainly make for a great Democrat ad campaign.

If Newsom and cronies like Gascon aren’t stopped here, California is definitely coming your way.



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