America Needs Gavin Newsom to Be Recalled

AP Photo/Marcio Jose Sanchez

The recall election of California Governor Gavin Hairgel Newsom is officially a go.

The stench of desperation coming out of the Governor’s office has grown exponentially in the last few months, as it became apparent that Californians were going to succeed in meeting the recall threshold. Most recently, the Assembly attempted to pass a bill that would require signature-gathering campaigns to turn over the names and addresses of signers to the office of the subject of the recall…in this case, Newsom.

Sure. Not creepy at all.

When that bill was shot down, Newsom turned to the tried and true – blaming evil Republicans. After months of refusing to even acknowledge the recall and with his back finally against the wall, Newsom has resorted to labeling the will of the people a “Republican recall.” When that description failed to gain traction even with his own allies in California media, Governor “Antoinette” turned to finances, claiming the recall would be a waste of much-needed state funds. This was a particularly hilarious defense from a government that just sent $30 billion dollars worth of fraudulent unemployment claims to criminals in prison, even as the incompetent state unemployment department is behind in over $100 billion dollars in legitimate payments to out-of-work, non-criminal residents. And should we even mention the $77 billion dollars spent so far on a high-speed train to nowhere that is now a low-speed train to nowhere that after eight years has not even entered the construction phase and is projected to cost another $100 billion dollars?

PJ Media‘s Victoria Taft outlines some of the attempts of California Democrats to thwart the now obviously glaring will of the people.

Here’s a list of the ways in which Democrats plan to make rule changes or do what they can to benefit their political party:

  • The Bee reports that Democrats are considering trying to change the date of the recall to the “next regularly scheduled primary election, when Democrats are more likely to vote,” instead of November of 2021. They played the calendar game with the recall of State Senator Josh Newman in 2018.

  • They’re considering sending absentee ballots to every voter whether they’ve asked for one or not to swamp the system.

  • They will attempt to convince people who signed the petition to remove their names in a 30-day period after the signatures are turned in.

  • Their strategy is to “reduce signatures.” As many signatures as possible will be thrown out keep the recall from qualifying for the ballot.

  • Using COVID shutdowns to slow down the signature-gathering such that recall backers went to court to get more time.

  • Believe they’ll use the extended lockdowns to keep people from voting.

  • They’ve begun spinning the recall as a “distraction.”

  • Tried to convince Californians that with all the money being wasted by Democrats (see EDD scandal) spending more on a recall for a new governor is wasteful

The game is afoot, but as you can see, Warden Newsom doesn’t plan to go down without a (dishonest) fight.

There are many conservatives and Republicans who are looking at our fight here in the Golden State with amusement. For many, this is all just something “those crazy Californians” have to deal with because of their stupid voting habits.

Conservatives need to abandon the dismissive attitude and start being active in publicizing and supporting this recall election, because unfortunately Governor Newsom and the Democrat party have plans to send him to the federal level as soon as his term here is finished. The California-DC pipeline is very real. Do you ever wonder why the government is moving so quickly with their insane social programs? That’s California policy.

It’s not that crazy of an assertion. The three most powerful people in DC right now are Maxine Waters (who chairs the congressional Finance Committee) Kamala Harris and of course Nancy Pelosi. Capitol Hill Democrats view California as the model for national control and they have every intention of importing as much as the corruption as possible.

Newsom’s recall isn’t just about recalling him from California office. It is also about recalling him from political life. It is about rescuing the nation from yet another corrupt Californian cretin who has every intention of exerting as much control over your human rights as possible. You may laugh at us and our predicaments now, but it won’t be so funny when you’re staring down the barrel of a California tax package and speech laws.

The other thing to note is that if Newsom – the entrenched Democrat – can be recalled in a state like California, it will send a chill through the election process across the nation. Believe you me, they know their COVID communism is grossly unpopular and they are scared of the voters. If they see even Newsom can be recalled, a lot of them are going to change their tunes.

For the sake of our entire nation it is all hands on deck. What can you do if you don’t live here? Keep sharing information about the recall. Anything that combats this attempt to define it as a “Republican recall” is good media. Share it and talk about it. Over 30% of the signatures on the recall petition come from Democrats. This is far from a partisan attempt. When you see stories of Newsom’s incompetence and hypocrisy (and there are plenty), share them. Don’t underestimate the power of your social circle. No one in the mainstream media is going to get them this information, so the more ways we can expose the truth the better.

The election field is only just now beginning to populate. Don’t forget that we’re the land of Tinseltown. Our election process is always jammed with the B-list celebrity class and grifters. That’s just how it is. But as the field becomes more serious and you see viable candidates beginning to emerge, consider donating to a campaign. I hate the idea of political donations but money is a reality of elections. Robert ‘Beto’ O’Rourke only ever got as far as he did because of outside-the-state donations and attention from the celebrity class. Outside dollars and exposure will be very valuable this election cycle.

Finally, pray. Pray for the millions of conservatives and good people still living in California. We actually do have the voting power to win elections, but the will of the Right has been tamped down after years of poor candidates and union control in Sacramento. That will is still there, lurking under the surface. Pray that our voters with good sense find the motivation to speak up and vote right. Pray for those of us embroiled in the political battle, that we would be strong, steadfast and be given favor by the Almighty. Pray for the people who would like to leave but can’t even afford the moving costs at this point. Pray for the West to reclaim the “Wild, Wild” title that brought so many here in the first place.

If we don’t stop Newsom here, California will be coming to you sooner than you think.


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