Six Things That Are More Important to Americans Than a January 6 Commission

AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

I live in Southern California. Wherever I go these days, I find myself embroiled in the same three conversations:

When can our kids go back to school full time?

Why won’t anyone do anything about the homeless situation here? It’s getting dangerous.

Do you have a contingency plan for leaving the state? If so, where might you go?

What I have yet to discuss with even a single person in real life is the prospect of or necessity for a commission on the events at the Capitol in January of 2021.

Like a lot of “controversy” drummed up in the media, the only people who really care about this commission are the media and some people on Twitter. The rest of America is living their lives, worrying about their schools, their jobs, their tax bills. The Democrat hysteria surrounding the desperation for a commission on the Capitol events is yet another sign of the complete disconnect between the elitist politician class and the actual people they serve. Sure, the average CNN viewer may find a commission extremely important, but have you seen CNN’s ratings lately?

They don’t represent a whole lot of folks.

There are any number of issues that Democrat and Republican representatives could and should be focusing on right now, instead of engaging in a circus which will have no discernible outcome but to provide campaign commercials for next year’s cycle. Here are a few.


We’re so used to politicians running on “creating” jobs that, even as we navigate the worst labor shortage in recent memory, some politicians are still touting their amazing “job creation” record as we exit the pandemic. But what we need are people to fill those jobs. Who would have thought that after a year of begging to be able to operate their businesses, many small business owners would now be begging for people to come work? It turns out paying people to stay home even after it’s perfectly fine to go out and work is a bad idea, and it is costing local economies dearly. It is on the mind of every business owner in the land.

2.Critical Race Theory and school

What began as another annoying leg of the social justice movement has grown into a full-on war against Marxism in the school system. With kids stuck at home all year, parents had no choice but to be acutely aware of what exactly was being stuffed into public school curriculum. The result has been a rising tide of rage against a flawed social justice philosophy that has been infecting school boards across the land. Parents are desperate to get their children back into school, mask-free and also free of a toxic ideology that bases value and self-worth on racial identity. There is probably no bigger issue for parents right now than education. They want their kids in school and learning to read and write, not hate each other.

3.Gender Theory

We have never had more information at our fingertips, and yet we seem to have entered a new Dark Age where science is subjective and biology is a societal construct. Feelings trump what we’ve known to be true about the human body since the dawn of time. The result has been a startling attempt to erase the language and even the very notion of womanhood. Men seem to be unaffected by gender confusion, but that’s because it is men who are becoming the most aggressive in bullying women into redefining womanhood. Girls across the nation are now having to deal with being bullied if they complain about boys identifying as girls being able to compete in girls’ athletic programs. This is a modern idea with real-world consequences. It’s hard to care about riot that was swiftly put down, when you’re trying to explain to your teen why she must shut up about her own feelings so a boy can play on her team.

4.Gas Prices/cost of living

By every measure, the Biden administration has made things worse since they took office. A gas supply crisis in the east and skyrocketing inflation has erased whatever small margins the middle class had been operating with for the last year. I can tell you that rich people worry about a congressional committee doing a job that the FBI is already doing. The rest of America is working to make up the ground lost at the hands of the Biden team.


During the pandemic, a record number of dogs were adopted into lonely households. Many turned out to be heartwarming stories of isolated people finding genuine companionship with needy rescues. Sadly, too many sweet stories have turned sour as the reality of “normal” life has returned. Americans are returning their rescues to shelters in droves. It turns out the reality of owning a dog is a lot less satisfying than the Instagram dog-owner life. Sadly, many dogs are now being retraumatized, as they have to adjust to yet another rehoming process or (gulp) worse.


The January 6 commission idea is just another political football inflated by the media and the echo chamber of social media. It is my sincere belief that the average American couldn’t care less about this idea. We want gas in our cars and our kids in school, and unfortunately, right now, those things are far more difficult to procure than they should be.

The People would like to move on, but we’re stuck in the swamp.



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