Grab a Tissue: Tempe Police Officers Surprise Little Boy by Replacing His Stolen Toy Tractor

Tempe police surprise little boy with new toy tractor

We’re all a little deflated and a lot enraged by the news cycle over the last weeks and months, especially when it comes to the police in America. We could all use a little good news right now. Luckily, a group of Tempe police officers are here to provide it for us.


Phoenix’s Fox10 News reports that a kind group of Arizona police offers pooled their resources to replace a toy tractor for a 4-year-old boy after his had been stolen. The boy’s father had posted a desperate message to Facebook asking for help replacing the toy, which had become an important bonding tool between father and son.

Police said Peter Philbrook, the boy’s father, had posted to Facebook asking for help after the battery-powered tractor was stolen from their apartment complex. Philbrook said he and his son Gerald had bonded over it and was willing to sell whatever he could to come up with the reward money.

Patrol Sergeant Andrew Brooks saw the post, and after unsuccessful attempts to find the Gator, he reached out to a local Walmart and the Tempe Officer’s Association to secure enough money to buy Gerald a brand new one.


Let’s roll tape (do you have your tissue handy?).

“The video does not fully convey the abundance of joy, kindness and gratitude those present felt at that moment,” officials said in a statement.

Let the background noise fade away, and watch this on a loop. This is our America.


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