[Watch] Red and Black Show: The Wrong Defense and the Wrong Jenner

This week on Red & Black, the gang talks about the Chauvin trial — why do many conservatives feel so personally invested in Derek Chauvin’s innocence? Is there a way to view the charges and trial through the lens of justice without having to swear allegiance to “guilty” or “innocent”?

We also take on the utter chaos at the border, and real-time effects it is having on American life.

And then there’s California…a celebrity Jenner may be getting into the race for governor, but is it the wrong Jenner?

Also, Kira outs herself as an anti-feminist.

Red & Black is hosted by Lenny McCallister and stars Redstate’s Editor-at-Large, Kira Davis, Redstate writer Jeff Charles and Dr. Chris Metzler, author of Divided We Stand: The Search For America’s Soul.

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