Kira Davis: Trump Definitely Should Not Attend The Inauguration

Kira Davis: Trump Definitely Should Not Attend The Inauguration
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Trump says he doesn’t want to attend Biden’s inauguration and why should he?

Oh I know, True Conservatives™ and liberals alike are calling the move childish and pathetic. They point to how Obama sucked it up and attended Trump’s inauguration. It’s a weak comparison at best. Obama served out his two terms peacefully, with nothing but foot massages and good vibes from a sycophantic media the entire time. Obama didn’t have to endure election fraud or biased media that painted him as Literally Hitler™. He was one president handing over the White House to another. It was the media that ginned it up to be something more than it was.

Trump has been maligned in ways that go far beyond his undesirable personality traits. He has been painted as worse than those who perpetrated genocide.

He lost an election to massive fraud, the depths of which will not be revealed for many years to come. He was unjustly and ridiculously tried for collusion with Russia. He had an election stolen from him by a man who campaigned from a basement.

Half the country voted for Biden and that’s a fact the GOP must reckon with. It was a direct response to a four year media campaign against Trump. But Trump did not lose the election…it was indeed stolen. Even if you disagree, he sincerely believes it and sincerely fought it. He does not believe this was a legitimate election and his every word and action since has made that extremely clear.

Even as I write this the Left is calling for his impeachment. Facebook and Twitter have deplatformed him and are now making very public overtures about doing the same to anyone who supports Trump publicly. Progressives are calling for “lists” to punish Trump supporters. Nancy Pelosi is threatening to send the military to the White House (as if Trump wants to stay in that hellhole one second longer; we’ll be lucky if he decides to finish his job). Progressives have been burning our cities and businesses and threatening the lives of conservatives or people just wearing red hats for four years now.

So no, Trump should not go to the inauguration. Why would he?

He doesn’t believe he lost; he sincerely believes Biden is a Chinese sympathizer and is going to sell out America and he has been treated as if he were a genocidal maniac instead of the duly elected President of the United States.

He’s pissed off and rightly so. A lot of his supporters are. There is no point in going and we don’t need the former President to be there in order to inaugurate the new one. Sure, it’s unprecedented but have ya’ seen 2020/21 lately?

It’s not childish. It’s useless and pointless. The President considers this election fake, so why would he participate in a ceremony celebrating it?

Mr.President, just leave the key under the front mat and get to work honing your media empire. It looks like it will be sorely needed in the coming years.

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