Is the RNC Guest Line Up Cheesy...Or Brilliant?

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St. Louis guns

Admittedly when I saw the list of RNC speakers, I did roll my eyes. Seeing that the McCloskeys were on the schedule – the St.Louis couple who became an instant meme after they took guns and confronted protesters in front of their home – seemed like a very cheesy choice. I could only see that now famous image of an angry looking couple haphazardly wielding weapons, pink polos, crop pants, mansion and all. That’s what the opposition will see too. I knew everyone who isn’t a die-hard Republican voter would be laughing. I know I was.


Then I saw young Sandmann’s name and I hesitated. While my first instinct was to roll my eyes yet again, as the the notion set in I realized what the GOP was doing and I have to say…it’s smart.

I’m not one to shower the GOP with praise. They’re just a political party, after all. Also, if there is an organization that knows how to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory it’s the modern Republican party. Frankly, I’ve been thinking the GOP and Trump have been experiencing another schism as of late. Seeing Sandmann’s name on the schedule made me think perhaps that schism wasn’t as wide as I’d thought. This is an absolute Trumpian move.

The cheese factor is a risk, but the payoff is reminding the base and the rest of America that this is what the 2020 vote comes down to. Do you want the mobs running things or do you want law and order?

It’s like the Democrats hand-wrapped these gifts and delivered them to Charlotte themselves. Incumbent Trump has struggled much more to find his stride than Outsider Candidate Trump did in 2016. All the Democrats had to do is not be crazy.


They couldn’t manage it, and now Trump and company will march the Democrat track record on justice, tolerance and safety right across the RNC stage and dare America to vote for the party who condones mob violence. They will dare America for vote for the party that burns churches, lets the private property of private citizens burn while praising the perpetrators, and is perfectly fine to destroy the life of a 17-year-old boy who smiled while being screamed at just to form a narrative.

Many liberals and independents have found this a bridge too far. Many liberals and independents are business owners themselves. They’ve been jumping through hoops to have the privilege of resuming their livelihoods at a far reduced capacity while at the same time watching thousands of looters and rioters pour into the street, burn down businesses and wreak absolute havoc on the communities that proved a living, a home and safety for those who live there.

These things have not gone unnoticed, no matter what the CNN polls tell you. It is clear to me that Trump and the GOP have noticed that it has not gone unnoticed. What we originally thought would be a reelection run based on a stellar economy has now pivoted into a reelection run based on law and order.


The choice is bizarre but couldn’t be clearer – do you want law and order or do you want all out war on your street? A war in which no law enforcement officer exists to assist victims and law-abiding taxpayers.

The red flags will be front and center at the RNC to remind us all exactly what is at stake.



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