Exsqueeze Me? Siri Defines 'Demon' As 'Police Officer'

Eric Risberg
AP featured image
In this photo taken Monday Oct. 10, 2011, Siri, the new virtual assistant, is displayed on the new Apple iPhone 4S in San Francisco. The 4S will be available Friday in black or white. It will cost $199-$399, depending on included storage space, with a two-year service contract with Verizon Wireless, Sprint or AT

“I saw it on the internet so that means it’s true!”

We’ve all heard that before and frankly, we’ve all fallen for it before. We tend to find more validity in things that confirm our biases. That is why when I saw that radio host and pundit Dana Loesch tweet about Siri’s latest definition of the word “demon” my first thought was, “Yeah, right. Found it on the internet?”

However, I’ve known Dana for years and I know she has a journalist’s mind. She wouldn’t tweet something like this just to be hysterical. So I took out my phone and tried it for myself. Lo and behold…

What does this mean? Is this some new term that the hip and cool kids use? Cool kids still say “hip” and “cool”…right?


As the left works to change the very definitions of words we’ve agreed upon for centuries – racism, male, female, hate – this is at least a reason for pause. It’s one thing for kids to run around saying it to each other, it’s quite another for a very common and popular encyclopedic resource to provide said definition as if it were fact.


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