De Blasio and Wife Caught Taking Non-Essential Stroll Through Brooklyn Park...11 Miles From Home

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New York Mayor Bill de Blasio delivers his speech in the Synod Hall during a conference on Modern Slavery and Climate Change at the Vatican, Tuesday, July 21, 2015. Dozens of environmentally friendly mayors from around the world are meeting at the Vatican this week to bask in the star power of eco-Pope Francis and commit to reducing global warming and helping the urban poor deal with its effects. (AP Photo/Gregorio Borgia)

Quarantine for thee but not for me!

In yet another glaring example of the disconnect between elite and working America, Mayor Bill de Blasio and his wife were caught taking a non-essential stroll through a Brooklyn park…eleven miles from their home.

A Twitter user who happened to be out and about noticed the couple and decided to document the hypocrisy.

Darren Goldner’s twitter bio describes him as “Progressive, socialist, bicyclist, feminist, environmentalist, globalist | Born and raised New Yorker | he/him”, which makes him a fairly objective candidate for criticizing a mayor he probably excitedly voted for and supports in many areas of social policy. That’s just an informed speculation, but we are at the very pathetic point in political discourse where arguing in good faith is practically dead and some people won’t take an argument seriously if it doesn’t come from someone who is in lock step with their own views.

Goldner didn’t think it was fair that while de Blasio has been lecturing New Yorkers about staying indoors and avoiding parks and recreational areas, he was out strolling with his wife miles from their luxurious homestead.


Goldner finally got his video working just in time to film a de Blasio aide telling him to “give it a break” at which point Goldner becomes all of America and fires back, “I’m not going to give it a break. This is selfish behavior.”

I don’t share Goldner’s politics but I do share his frustrations. Americans, particularly New Yorkers have been extremely patient and willing to do their part and it’s been working. But while de Blasio and Co. get to go on getting their paychecks and living in palatial comfort, regular working Americans have been left to wonder how their rent gets paid in a few days, let alone a month from now. It is grossly insulting.

Good for Goldner. I disagree with his assessment that this is anti-progressive behavior.

He claims to be a progressive & grifted onto @BernieSanders campaign. But BdB parrots talking points at a national level without understanding their meaning in his own context. His actions tell us who he really is Austerity for the working class, privilege for the ruling class.


This is exactly the problem conservatives like myself have with progressivism. It is actually all about an elite few, a ruling class making decisions for the working class. Progressive die-hards just have the very hopeful idea that as long as it’s the right elite few everything will work out. But that is besides the point. Whether or not Goldner’s personal views match up with anyone else in America he is absolutely right to be grossly offended. New Yorkers have been hit hard and have been sacrificing greatly to bend this curve. Instead of a mayor who leads by example they have one who continues to flaunt his power and wealth.

From de Blasio’s strolls in the park and trips to the gym to Nancy Pelosi’s freezer full of ice cream, the Democrat message in this country is becoming clear…

Let them eat cake.


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