Silver Linings: California Animal Shelter Adopts out Every Last Dog as People Seek Comfort During Corona Chaos

(AP Photo/Fernando Llano)

The Riverside County Department of Animal Services put out an Instagram post on Wednesday night touting some much needed good news – they’ve cleared their shelter of dogs.


During coronavirus stay-at-home orders many Americans find themselves longing for some extra comfort and companionship, particularly those who live alone. The demand for connection in these scary times has created an unexpected silver lining as more and more people are seeking out animal adoptions.

“We’ve cleared the shelter!” the Instagram video boasted.

Officials also asked residents to consider keeping any strays they find at home until the epidemic passes and shelters can get back to normal staffing levels.

Riverside DAS also says that while their shelter is “clear” they still have animals that are being treated and prepared to be put up for adoption. They hope to have more animals available by Thursday at the earliest.

In times like these, every bit of good news is welcome news and this certainly qualifies.



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