We Are So F***ing Done With China

FILE – In this Nov. 9, 2017, file photo, U.S. President Donald Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping participate in a welcome ceremony at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing, China. Xi had an “extremely positive” phone conversation with Trump about trade and other issues, the foreign ministry said Friday, Nov. 2, 2018. The two leaders agreed to “strengthen economic exchanges,” said a ministry spokesman, Lu Kang. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik, File)


Because this is 2020 and the whole damn world seems to have gone insane overnight, we are now being told that referring to COVID-19 as anything related to China or the Chinese in any way is “racist” and xenophobic or some other bad thing. Even though this virus originated in China. Even though either their food choices or their government is responsible for unleashing this on the globe. It makes no sense, but none of this is making much sense right now. It certainly feels like we don’t have all the information and that’s worrisome given the level of response we’ve been seeing from our government. There is a lot that we, the people don’t know.

But we do know one thing right about now. One thing is becoming more and more clear with each passing moment.

When this is all over we are f***ing done with China. 

Seriously, no more messing around. No more cozying up to Chinese investors (I’m looking at you, Obama). No more handing over vital technology and information to the Chinese government (I’m looking at you, Mr. and Mrs. Clinton). No more back-end deals with Chinese security firms and tech providers (I’m looking at you, Joe Biden). No more Hollywood films made to please the Chinese investors (I’m looking at you, Matt Damon).

We let ourselves be lulled buy cheap goods and fancy smartphones. We are not to blame…who doesn’t want to pay less for more? However, we have all been a part of the equation in some way. We have looked the other way as China has been slowly encroaching on the markets and governments of the free West. We let ourselves believe that they could find their way to some kind of hybrid capitalism-communism miracle that would eventually infect their culture and turn them more toward the capitalist side.


Remember when you were a kid and you thought you could dig a hole to China? It looks like we kind of managed to do that. Trump may leave a lot of crazy stuff in his wake, but history will remember him kindly for being the man who dug us out of that hole. If anything good comes of this bizarre time it is that we now understand very well the grave issues with letting China feed so much of our economy. We know we need to diversify our trade base. We know we need to make America the manufacturing powerhouse we once were. We have everything we need right here in this nation. We just have to access it. I guess what I’m saying is…we need to make America great again.

Let us never go back to who we were before this virus. Let us remember that China is our enemy. I couldn’t help but notice Secretary of Defense Mark Esper mention at Wednesday morning’s presser that the United States remains strong and ready, militarily speaking. He took special care to point out that our military readiness has not been affected and we are up to face any challenge.

Casual reassurance or a message to the Chinese should they plan to take advantage of the current global situation in some nefarious way? It was probably just a comment for good measure, but it was a sharp reminder that China is not a friend to us and not a state we can depend on to act in fair play.


We’d better learn this lesson now. Our trade and investment dollars have been propping up Chinese bureaucratic madness for far too long. We’ve been guilty. Now let us wash our hands of all this (with antibacterial soap, of course) and kick these communists to the curb.



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