AB5 Video Puts California Contractor Law and Its Consequences into Tragic Focus

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Independent contractors are uniting across the state of California to win back their freedom to work.

The legislation is only just now gaining wider appreciation as slowly but surely more and more independent contractors lose their jobs because of a bill that was originally meant to get at Uber and Lyft, despite a national version having already been passed in Congress last month. When told about the bill for the first time the typical reaction is disbelief. It seems like a bill that outlaws the right of a person to contract their services independently would be unconstitutional.


It is, but as we are finding out all too well here in California, there is a very wide gap between knowing something is unconstitutional and being able to marshal the law to prove something is unconstitutional. Efforts are underway to do the latter, but in the meantime the devastation has been wide-reaching and crushing.

One group has launched RepealAB5now.com in the hopes educating the public and defeating the fascistic law. If you’ve been following the Redstate feed for the last couple of months you’ve seen a plethora of articles talking about the bill, its disastrous effects and the bill’s unapologetic author Lorena Gonzalez (CA-80). In a short video aimed at explaining the horrific reality of AB5, artists and an interpreter explain what it was like to go from being gainfully self-employed to having their income decimated literally overnight.

People have lost their jobs, people are leaving the state, employers are calling people up and saying “I’m sorry, I can’t hire you, you live in California.”

Imagine waking up on January 1st and finding out that you cannot make a living the way you’ve been making a living for the past six or seven years.

Joe Biden recently did the movement against AB5 a big favor by coming out in support of the legislation. Senator Ted Cruz mentioned it in a tweet recently and pundits and writers from across the nation are beginning to pick up on the story and report it. The momentum is building, but there is still a very long way to go considering a repeal bill was recently denied even the chance to be debated on the floor by the Democrat super-majority California legislature.


For now the Golden State’s only hope is awareness. Groups like Repeal AB5 Now are helping. You can help too by sharing the stories, tagging your national and local representatives and making sure your senator in D.C. knows you oppose the PROact, which is the national version.

AB5 is the most destructive, communistic legislation we have seen in any state in the union to date. We cannot let it spread. We must end the battle in California.


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