Kira Davis: California Has a Perverse Hatred of Taxpayers

California Gov. Gavin Newsom listens to a question during an interview in Sacramento, Calif., Tuesday, Oct. 8, 2019. Newsom said President Donald Trump should be removed from office by Congress, but with Republicans in control of the U.S. Senate the best way to boot Trump from office is at the ballot box. (AP Photo/Rich Pedroncelli)


By now you’ve heard all about California’s insane new law aimed at banning freelance work across the state. The law was a gift to the unions from their assemblywoman stooge Lorena Gonzalez (D-80). It was meant to kill Uber and Lyft, but instead, it is set to kill nearly the entire gig economy. The rideshare companies are big and rich and have already announced their intent to completely ignore AB5, so ironically, the people it was meant to hurt will carry on as normal while every other gig worker in the state is in panic mode.

But that wasn’t the only crazy law we were assaulted with. As of January 1st, 2020:

  • Minimum wage goes up to $12/hr or $13/hr (depending on the size of the business) on its way to $17/hr by 2023.
  • Statewide water restrictions will force Californians to limit their daily usage to the equivalent of one 8-minute shower and one load of laundry per day, punishable by up to $1000/day in fines to their water districts (don’t ask me how any of it gets enforced…I just work here…barely).
  • California employees will have to take more hours of sexual harassment training and more regularly (why anyone needs to be trained how to be a sexual harasser is beyond me, but hey…it’s CRAZYfornia!).
  • Statewide rent controls go into effect.
  • Fully funded healthcare for illegal immigrants.
  • Transgender kids in state foster care will have their “transitions” fully funded.
  • Teachers will no longer be allowed to suspend violent or unruly students for any reason.

Desperately insane homeless people are allowed to sleep by playgrounds, erect tents that block businesses and sidewalks for blocks and blocks and openly use drugs. Police are no longer allowed to move their possessions, or even ask them to move their tents. Shop owners are not allowed to take measures to clear their entrances, wash their sidewalks to remove feces and urine or even place planters or pots that would make it more difficult for someone to put up a tent. Hundreds of homeless die in the streets daily from overdoses, homicide or festering, untreated wounds and disease. California residents are attacked every day by the mentally ill currently being gifted the streets of our state. One man died when a homeless person came into the restaurant where the man was eating and stabbed him in his neck. He bled to death as he held his 5-year-old daughter. He is only one of hundreds of tragic stories.

Taxpayers would like for our government to do something about this homeless nightmare, but their big solution is to cut the profit margins of property owners who are already stretched to their limits with the myriad of state, county, and city regulations they have to deal with just to rent property.

Human trafficking is at an all-time high in our state. Alongside folks just looking for work, our porous border is attracting all manner of criminals looking to game our system and hurt good people. The importing of cheap, illegal labor has had a devastating impact on California’s black community – a community that has traditionally relied heavily on manual labor and entry-level jobs. While they are punished for being citizens who must be paid according to our wage laws, their counterparts in the illegal immigrant community get paid far more cheaply under the table and they don’t have to be burdened by the legal stumbling blocks to earning in this state, like tax and wage laws.

Taxpayers would like for our government to do something about this illegal nightmare, but their big solution is to make our state even more attractive to illegal border crossers by offering them free healthcare and now (thanks to the state DREAMers act) free college education. Meanwhile, we legal citizens have to go without vital health services that have spun out of control in costs. We have to take 3rd and 4th jobs to put our kids through college if they’re lucky enough to get to one at all. If it weren’t so flipping insulting it would be laughable.

Our education system is in shambles. We are consistently at the lowest end of education statistics across the nation. Despite the fact that education makes up half of our giant state’s budget, some districts are sporting a 50% dropout rate. We are graduating thousands of children every year who can’t read English and haven’t mastered basic math skills. LAUSD spent $1.3 billion…yes BILLION… on iPads for students is a ridiculous attempt to digitalize homework. When they realized the kids were just stealing the iPads and selling them, they canceled the program (and took the financial hit on behalf of the taxpayers. How kind). We are now in the throes of the most sickening and evil curriculum battles after the state shoved down our throats a bizarrely explicit pro-transgender sex-ed curriculum. Parents across the state are terrified. We’ve been fighting this for two years and begging the state to listen to our pleas.

Taxpayers would like for our government to do something about a tanking education system but their big solution is to just keep bad students in their seats and hope for the best. I have no doubt that as shocking violence against teachers begins to rise, our state-run media (that’s basically the LA Times) will work hard to avoid reporting on those incidents. Eventually, it’ll become too much to cover up, but how many teachers will quit or be gravely hurt before then?

We’re not allowed to decide who we work for and when we work for them, but we are now required to pay for the bodily mutilation of teenagers who can’t really decide what gender they are.

We’re not allowed to indulge in the water we pay dearly for (and we’re not in a drought anymore, which was and always has been completely predictable) but we’re allowed to steal up to $950 a day without fear of prosecution. So basically we can steal our water from the store but we can’t use the water coming out of our taps.

We’re not allowed to freely and openly exercise our second amendment rights to defend ourselves, but we are now forced by law to endure hours upon hours of sexual harassment training just in case any of us were getting any ideas about being too nice to people at work.

I could go on and on. The list is literally endless. It never stops. Every day we are assaulted by ridiculous new laws, bans, and regulations…all aimed at bleeding the taxpayer.

If you live here in California, ask yourself the last time Sacramento did something for you.

FOR YOU. Not for someone else in the hopes of tangentially affecting the quality of your life.

They do nothing. They don’t care about us. In fact, the powers that be hate us and that is what is craziest of all. We have provided them with lavish lifestyles, unsinkable careers, and gold level benefits. We have lined the pockets of their friends and business associates. We have funded every weirdo, bullish** program they’ve shoved down our throats. We’ve been charitable, patient and welcoming. We’ve done everything asked of us and more and yet they still treat us with utter and unwavering disdain.

Our politicians will give 45-minute speeches about the glories of illegal immigration, their love for the mentally ill cluttering our streets, or climate change. Never once have I heard one of them actually thank the taxpayer for providing all of these programs and benefits. It has been just the opposite. Every time people like Gavin Newsom or Lorena Gonzalez take to a mic or social media it is to scold the taxpayer, to accuse us of being stingy, selfish, bigoted, and greedy. We’re never the good guys, but the people who openly flout our laws are always good people with pure motives.

It is exhausting, enraging, insulting, discouraging…I’m running out of words for this insanity. We need help. Please spare me your “this is your own fault” ignorance. I’m tired of hearing that stuff, too. At this point, it isn’t exactly clear that we are voting for this stuff and these people anymore. Our system is probably one of the most corrupt in the nation at this point. Also, don’t you dare blame me for the votes of two of the nation’s most populated cities. I’m one woman and one vote. I’m sorry to inform you that most of California is conservative but they don’t matter because they don’t live in San Francisco or Los Angeles. We’re getting so much grief from our own government, we really don’t need it from you, too.

The California taxpayer continues to be one of the most hated creatures in the nation. We’re drowning and our Governor and his Sacramento minions are just standing on the sidelines screaming at us to throw them our wallets before we finally sink to the bottom of the ocean.