Christian Comedian John Crist Gets Netflix Special

Christian comedian John Crist is getting a Netflix special.

The 35-year-old PK (pastor’s kid) is well known on social media for his entertaining skits and video clips. He enjoys a healthy buzz on Facebook. It isn’t uncommon to see friends and family sharing his witty thoughts on everything from teenagers to having phone conversations in public on speaker.


Now Crist will get to join the ranks of Dave Chappelle and other popular comedians with his very own special on Netflix.

Crist is one of eight children. In a Fox & Friends appearance he said he “sells out venues without selling out his values and says he intends to offer three alternatives to the “Netflix and chill” culture with his newest platform.

Crist offered “Netflix and kill your nieces and nephews” who won’t want to watch the special, “Netflix and treadmill” to “work off a couple pounds,” or “Netflix and get grilled by your family for all your questionable career and relationship and financial choices throughout the year,” which he says will probably be what he will be doing Nov. 28.



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