Kira Davis: Cancel Culture Is Vile And The Des Moines Register Should Be Ashamed Of Themselves [Video]

w/permission from Kira Davis

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Cancel Culture is a vile social sickness that has been brought to us by the extremist Left and the mainstream media and it has to stop.

The disgusting phenomenon proved once again that no good deed goes unpunished when The Des Moines Register published a piece about a clever young man who got the attention of a beer company with a sign asking for beer money at a football game. Not only did 24-year-old Carson King donate the few hundred dollars he raised to a children’s hospital, but his ensuing partnership with Anheuser-Busch went on to raise a million dollars for that hospital.

But Carson made the mistake of being a regular teenager in 2012 and posting some “inappropriate” jokes. Aaron Calvin’s “routine background investigation” dug up the nearly decade old tweet and published it as newsworthy. Anheuser-Busch caught win and immediately severed ties.


I couldn’t keep my mouth shut about this one. I don’t do many commentary videos anymore but this one got under my skin. So here’s my takedown of The Des Moines Register, their grossly unprofessional staff and cancel culture in general. I analyze the press release put out by Ms. Hunter and point out just how absurd these people are.

It seems all the adults have left the building at The Des Moines Register.

Thankfully not everyone is as vile as the powers that be at the DM.



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