Just Let Sean Spicer Dance

White House press secretary Sean Spicer speaks during the daily press briefing at the White House in Washington, Friday, May 12, 2017. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

Dancing With the Stars premiered on Monday night and the internet was abuzz with the appearance of former Trump press secretary Sean Spicer. Spicer showed out in a lime green, ruffle sleeved top and white pants. Twitter was not having it.


There was no shortage of insults. Commenters on the right scoffed at Spicer, saying he was denigrating the dignity of his former position and simply looked ridiculous. Commenters on the left made him out to be a clown, calling the reality tv turn just another example of the clown show produced by the Trump administration.

Everyone needs to leave Sean Spicer alone. He is wringing every last drop out of  life while the rest of us are sitting on the couch, wiping potato chip crumbs off our keyboards.

Why do we look at public figures as if they A)have some kind of responsibility to represent a brief part of their career lives forever and B)aren’t real people with eclectic personalities and tastes.

When Megyn Kelly ditched her Fox News career to take a stab at daytime talk, conservatives raked her over the coals. She was accused of selling out, of somehow “lowering” herself, stooping to some pedestrian level after having worked to become one of the most respected journalists in the game. We all know how it worked out for Megyn, but even in the wake of her abrupt (and unfair) cancellation conservatives and liberals alike seemed to think she deserved it for leaving behind a “serious” career.


But why shouldn’t people like Kelly or Spicer take advantage of their hard-earned status and influence to have some fun? Are we all supposed to just be one thing in our lives? Kelly is a mother and wife. I know what it’s like to wear those labels. Even the most accomplished woman can loose herself in those roles. To have the option to explore your passions, have adventures, and try new things without risking your financial comfort or support system…well, that’s a luxury.

Isn’t that a luxury we all work for? We all dream of a day when our career pays us so much that we can go have fun having new experiences, or perhaps even pivot to that dream career we always wanted. We all have the jobs we have to do and the jobs we wish we could do.

Megyn Kelly is no different. Sean Spicer is no different. These are human beings, not political mascots.

Sean Spicer has worked his entire adult life in one of the most stressful industries in the nation. He’s probably had more late nights that turned into early mornings than we could imagine. He’s probably scraped by financially at one point or another; for sure he’s sacrificed some relationships and genuine connections in the name of the job.

My point is…Sean Spicer is a grown man and he has put in his fair share of work into advancing to the top of his field. If he wants to put on a fancy-dancy shirt and have a new adventure on a dance competition show, then he should do it.


As I age, one particular thing becomes clearer and clearer – life is short and full of surprises. I’m having every adventure I can until the point my body will no longer welcome it. It looks like Spicer is doing the same thing and instead of ridiculing him, we should all be applauding him. The people making fun of him are probably the same cowards who regularly turn down opportunities for adventure or unique experiences because they don’t want to “look dumb”. Those are always the most boring people of all.

Sean Spicer seems determined not to be one of those boring scolds. He’s reveling in the bizarre twists life takes, relishing new experiences. He’s putting on his dancing shoes and living his best life.

Good for him.


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