[WATCH] This Parody Takes On 'Brave' Comedy In the Most Hilarious Way

screenshot from WTI video, used with permission from the artist , Lou Perez at WTI https://youtu.be/NOHR082SG_I

With Dave Chappelle’s new comedy special burning up the internet, now seems like a good time to re-share an instant classic from one of our favorite comedy sites, We the Internet TV.


Hannah Gadsby showed us what the progressive left would like to do to fun when the “woke” internet shot her into the entertainment stratosphere, labeling her the future of comedy. Gadsby’s “comedy” was not a routine with jokes and pithy stories. It was an hour-long lecture punctuated by very serious observations about the ‘unwoke’ world at large.

It was disheartening. If this is the future of comedy America has some boring, joyless decades ahead of her.

Enter Dave Chappelle, who once again has shown us all that comedy isn’t dead, nor is it dying and Gadsby’s brand of “comedy” is little more than wishful thinking.

But Dave’s not the only “edgy” comedian out there. We the Internet TV is here to remind us of all the brave, courageous comedy that is out there. It is being created by brave, edgy comedians who aren’t afraid to stand up to Tr*mp and give him and his ilk a piece of their brave, edgy minds.

Meet Doug Allen, the bravest comedian since Hannah Gadsby stuck a knife in comedy’s groin.

Enjoy your Labor Day weekend!


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