Joe Biden Tells Crowd To "Choose Truth Over Facts"

Facts don’t care about your feelings. Ben Shapiro seems to have trademarked this phrase but it didn’t begin with him. For quite a while there has been a very real but perplexing battle between ideas and emotions.


This rift is never more evident than when there is a shooting crisis in this country – which happens far too often. The reason it happens has little to do with how many guns there are in the country. Facts and statistics back up the claim that not only are gun homicides trending downward (and have been for some time) but in areas with the strictest gun laws, gun crimes actually tick up.

That’s a verifiable fact, supported by the government’s own data. But some people have a presidential campaign to run and they’re not goin to let a few facts get in the way of an applause line.

Joe Biden was on a campaign stop Thursday when he was recorded telling his audience to choose “facts over truth”.


If that was the shot, here’s the chaser…a helpful little reminder about AOC’s similar sentiments. Thanks to Ryan Saavedra of The Daily Wire for gracing us with these clips.


To recap: Being “right” isn’t about having the right information, it is about donning the pre-approved emotional response to a perceived crisis. How do you have “truth” without “facts”? Don’t facts literally define the truth?

This is what America is up against come 2020. A binary choice between the current crazy but bizarrely effective president and the “Facts? What facts?” crowd.



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