Venezuela Puts U.S. On Travel Warning List After Shootings

This is not a Babylon Bee story, although Snopes may still fact check this.

In a stunningly ironic move, Venezuela has moved to place the United States on a travel warning list after the recent shootings in El Paso and Dayton.


Despite the entire country currently crumbling into a hot, steaming pile of chaos and starvation, Venezuelan officials warned their citizens who can still travel that they should be worried about traveling to the U.S. They cited the El Paso shooter’s manifesto, which mentioned his hatred for people crossing over the southern border.

Venezuela joins Japan and Uruguay in making official warnings to travelers.

The Japanese consul described America as a “gun society” and warned citizens they should expect gunfire to be present at any moment if they travel to certain areas of the United States.

Uruguayan officials asked travelers to take special precautions in crowded places like festivals and shopping centers. They cited “increasing indiscriminate violence” and  “racism and discrimination that cost the lives of more than 250 people in the first seven months of this year” for their warnings.


It is easy to scoff at such pronouncements but this is yet another sickness promoted by an irresponsible mainstream media. It probably does look quite chaotic to the outside eye who is only getting the same story recycled over and over again. Before I went to London last year I thought it was mired in terrorists and terroristic threats. It is actually quite a lovely, fairly peaceful city.

When you only get one side of the story, you only get one one part of the flavor. You have to flip that grilled cheese over to get the proper melt of information.


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