Woke Poet #Resists Act of Kindness, Brags About It And Pays The Price On Twitter

From the “This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things” file, part eleventy billion:

Caroline Rothstein is a self-described poet, performer and educator. One descriptor that is missing is “woke scold”.


Rothstein was waiting to exit a flight when a nearby gentleman made the woeful, serious offense of trying to help get her carry-on bag from the overhead bin.

Shocked at the audacity of a man…a WHITE man…showing common decency, Rothstein summoned her inner p***y hat to courageously #Resist the deep, dark oppression of courtesy. In the face of such dastardly kindness, Rothstein could be silent no longer. Her righteous indignation spilled out right there in the aisle of the plane, for all to see.

And just in case all didn’t see, she tweeted about it.

I’m not sure which is more amusing…that she was patting herself on the back for this or that she obviously seemed to think other people would as well.

Naturally, Twitter had its way with her.






Remember Carol’s name and face. She is the person who is holding up the line to get off the airplane so she can #Resist.

Good job, Carol. You’re doing great, sweetie!


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