The Average American Simply Does Not Care About the Mueller Mess

Former special counsel Robert Mueller, accompanied by his top aide in the investigation Aaron Zebley, testifies before the House Judiciary Committee hearing on his report on Russian election interference, on Capitol Hill, in Washington, Wednesday, July 24, 2019. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)


The Democrats are holding hearings on the Mueller Report and it’s as much political theater as one would expect. Clips and analysis are available right here at this site. Needless to say, the testimony was heavy on grandstanding and light on new revelations. Perhaps the only people really even watching it are politicos and commentators. The Democrats in Congress surely know that the American people are not very moved by the details of the Mueller investigation. Why would they continue to draw out this media circus for very little public gain?

The answer, of course is that they are trying to create an unearned buzz around the Mueller report because this is what they’ve pinned their impeachment hopes on for two years now. To let it die is to let go of the last vestiges of the argument. They need Americans to care…but the problem is, most of us don’t.

The Mueller report has been out for months – dissected, poured over, pulled apart, analyzed incessantly. But the average American isn’t holding their breath over it all. Remember when people all over New York City took the day off work and crowded into pubs and restaurants at 8 a.m. just to watch James Comey “destroy” President Trump with his testimony?

There are no “Mueller testimony drink specials” today.

Americans are burned out on the promises of the Left to take down Trump. From the moment it became clear Trump would be the next president, left-wing politicians and progressive media have been screaming that there must have been some cheating involved. No way could it be that they got the concerns and requests of the average American voter so woefully wrong. Trump must have cheated because President Hillary Clinton was all but promised to us.


The Washington Post dramatically changed their motto to “Democracy Dies in the Dark”; the Women’s March popped up and promised us they would #Resist the president until he was driven out of office.

The Comey investigation became a lynchpin of Democrat resistance, and when the report of his findings was released we were assured that this would be the most damning thing to come out about a sitting president in the history of this nation. A show hearing ensued and as discussed above, boys and girls in the coastal cities excitedly took a day off work to sit in bars and watch the downfall of the Orange Bad Man.

It landed with a thud…as those of us who actually read Comey’s pre-released testimony already knew it would.

Rape claims against Trump…thud.

Kavanaugh hearings that turned into an indictment of Trump’s temperament and the effectiveness as a leader.


Rape claims from unstable columnists.


Soundbite after soundbite after soundbite of edited, unsavory comments by Trump.

Thud. Thud. Thud.

The nightly news keeps promising us that Trump’s days are coming to an end, and yet the promise never arrives. In fact, Trump just keep polling higher and higher while the economy picks up steam and day-to-day life seems a bit better for most Americans when they’re not using social media as their gauge.

Imagine being an average voter – not particularly informed but you show up for the big elections and hope for the best the rest of the time – and feeling terrible that Trump won. Imagine you’ve been promised by the politicos you most respect that they would not only remove Trump from office, but they would make the case compellingly and quickly. Then imagine getting yourself psyched up for the other shoe to drop only to me met with the sound of that “THUD” after every promise.


For over two years now the legacy media has been bombarding us with promises that THIS IS THE THING that will finally bring Trump down – the “this” just keeps changing.

Americans – especially those who lean left – are exhausted by the promises. The Democrat party has mercilessly painted Trump as a white supremacist (never before he took office with an (R) behind his name, though of course), a bully, an abuser and Literally Hitler™. It has been a nonstop festival of fear.

If I’m a faithful Democrat voter and I’ve been hearing about how evil Trump is every day without ceasing, I’m wondering just what the hell is so hard about saving the country from Literally Hitler™? If this is a state of emergency, why are we not storming the gates, arresting him and restoring liberty? If it’s that bad, what are we waiting for?

Americans are weary. They want a smoking gun and the Democrats just keep showing up with hot dogs for the weenie roast. There is no smoking gun, no recorded conversation where we’ll hear Trump admit he’s just been running a hoax this whole time, that he’s Putin’s secret lover and that the moon landing was faked. Everything must be insinuated, interpreted and filtered and Americans are loosing their patience for such things. We’re over two years into this presidency. If no one is going to fire their weapon then most people need to move on with their lives.


The Mueller hearings are a show trial – an expensive ploy to glean two or three soundbites for the news. They are not for the benefit of the people. The people are growing tired of rage, which is dangerous because after rage comes boredom. Imagine what politics will look like when every single person in America is simply too bored to care.



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