The Dangers of "Dragging" Children

In this Saturday, May 13, 2017 photo, Lil Miss Hot Mess poses for a photo with a child after reading to a group of children during the Feminist Press' presentation of Drag Queen Story Hour! at the Park Slope Branch of the Brooklyn Public Library, in New York. "Drag queens and children don't usually get together, which I think is a shame and one of the benefits of a program like this," Lil Miss Hot Mess said. (AP Photo/Mary Altaffer)

Lately we’ve seen a spate of “drag kids” being paraded around the internet and praised as a “brave” new generation that will lead us all into an era of utopian love and acceptance.


From “Desmond is Amazing” to 9-year-old Austin aka Kween KeeKee, the term “drag kid” is slowly being introduced to mainstream society as not only a legitimate job title but a perfectly acceptable industry for children.

The current desperation on the progressive left to be seen as the ultimate in “open-mindedness” has gone from being annoying and sometimes entertaining to being downright dangerous.

I love a good drag queen show as much as the next person. Whatever your opinion on the cultural aspects of it, drag is a legitimate performance art and the people who make a living at it are masters of their craft. It takes a shocking amount of preparation and practice to be good at it. As an artist myself I appreciate the commitment and the creativity. But as a parent there are some art forms I would never let my child engage in for the simple reason that some things are for adults and those things should never include children.

That is the problem many Americans are having with this bizarre push to normalize alternative, adult sexual expressions across the spectrum of our society. It turns the hierarchy of human nature on its head and labels it “courageous”. Most thoughtful adults are repulsed at the idea of a child being dressed up to impersonate an adult for the entertainment of other adults. It feels inherently wrong whether or not it is purposefully sexualized. Yet we continue to be asked to squash our natural responses and clap and nod.

The nose knows. Reasonable adults understand that a young boy being encouraged to wear a toxic amount of makeup, short dresses and high heels and mimic the inherent sexuality of women is creepy and completely inappropriate.


Because that is exactly what they’re doing. Despite the arguments that this is just an open-minded expression of creative gender identity, the fact is what these children are being encouraged to do is mimic female sexuality. That is what “drag” is all about. There is a sensuality to drag performances that rests on the idea that women have a very particular nuance to their sexuality. Even in performances that are not overtly sexual, these male performers are actually celebrating female sensuality. Desmond’s mother says the art form is something different for kids and it isn’t adult in nature.

It’s biological. The natural sway of a woman’s hips, the tilt of her head, the curve of her chest…these are all both just how we are and also designed to biologically trigger an attraction on the part of men. Even the makeup  we wear (even though most of us don’t realize this) is designed elicit a biological response in men. If you don’t know why lipstick is traditionally some form of red or pink, look it up. Or you might even guess based on the subject of this column. Regardless, there are reasons these accessories are considered adult in nature. They are.

Watch these young boys as they perform. They are imitating female sensuality, just like their adult counterparts. Furthermore, they are “performing” in clubs that are reserved for overtly sexual performances, sometimes in the same show. The are “performing” in gay pride events where their fellow performers are blatantly and brazenly highlighting and celebrating certain sexual acts and sexuality. Again, fine for consenting adults. As soon as a child is thrust into the position of putting on the garb of adult females for the pleasure of adults it crosses the line.


It’s hard to imagine this is even a conversation we have to have at all. This should absolutely be a no-brainer. This is and always has been the scourge of extreme left-wing ideology. Its adherents are so committed to toppling “traditional” human impulses and societal constructs that they are willing to even sacrifice the innocence of children at the altar of “Being Right”. Such an altar will only ever require larger and larger sacrifices.

Don’t tell me that gender is a societal construct and then in the same breath tell me your little boy was born “gender queer”. Don’t tell me that gender is fluid and basically meaningless and then have your grade school boy wear pounds and pounds of makeup and high heels as an imitation of his stereotypical view of the female form. Why do we suddenly throw out gender stereotypes when it is a boy dressing up like a girl?

I’m curious to know what these parents think of the child beauty pageant circuit and how it exploits little girls to dress and act like adult women in order to garner attention. If someone asked my 11-year-old daughter to put on as much makeup as Dolly Parton, a shiny minidress and some heels and prance around on stage thrusting her hips out and sashaying back and forth as grown men shout and holler about how “fabulous” she looks, I’d punch that person right in their babymaker.

Why we apply a different standard for little boys is beyond comprehension; but perhaps those parents do know that what they are doing and allowing for their boys is completely unnatural and could have some gruesome consequences. Perhaps in order to make it okay in their heads they have to make US the bigots and ignore the logic.


At some point we must be braver than the social media mobs. At some point responsible adults have to stand up and point out that this isn’t simply a matter of tolerance or “gay pride” or “trans pride” or however it’s being marketed. At some point better minds must stand against the tides of chaos and demand the line be drawn at dragging children into the very adult celebration of sexuality/sensuality.

Do whatever you want to do. Leave the children out of it.

Your children are not social experiments. If they want to dress up let them do it at home where they are safe and not made vulnerable to the multitude of perverts – straight and gay – who frequent the adult entertainment scene.

As my beloved father-in-law says, it’s great to be open-minded, but not so open-minded that your brains fall out all over the floor.

Clean up on aisle four!


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