Smart Girl Podcast: Britney Spears and Bridezillas

Britney Spears is practically a national icon at this point. There are few people who don’t recognize her name and whatever you think about her talent there’s no argument that she is hugely successful and works extremely hard. Recent personal and mental health issues have sidelined the pop star from her Vegas show. Spears has been working since she was a small child. She grew up as the breadwinner for her family in an industry that attracts many different kinds of predators and liars. The “Hit Me One More Time Baby” singer might be good joke fodder but what price has her mind and body paid for being in the spotlight her entire life? Is the cost of fame worth the price?


April and Kira also make fun of tales from the dark side of wedding planning – bridezillas!

Let the Smart Girls entertain you while you prepare for Memorial Day activities.

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